GDS Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: GDS) has been a huge gainer all through the year and is up by over 100% year-to-date. Its strong growth recently gained impetus after strong Q3 results that beat analysts’ expectations. The company announced a quarterly EPS loss of $0.12. This is significantly lower than the EPS loss of $0.14 that it recorded in the same period in the last financial year. The company also posted revenues of $149.17 million a figure that beat analyst expectations by 0.15%. This revenue figure is also much higher than the $111.07 million that the company reported in the same period in the last financial year.

GDS also reported that, its adjusted EBITDA has grown exponentially and as of Q3, it stood at x6 what it was in the same quarter 4 years ago.  The management further stated that, their goal is to double the figure that they forecast at IPO. They also added that, the past 3 years have been great in terms of overall growth.

The company stated that, it had made significant progress in Q3 towards its strategic goals.   It announced that in Q3, it signed up customers for more than 21k Sqms of additional area. From this, it expects to generate more than $90 million of recurrent revenues.  On top of that, it announced that in Q3, it had received more than 10 megawatts from its current customers, and that it had added over 58,000 Sqms since the beginning of the year.

Looking at the charts, GDS was trading between a high of $47.08 and a low of $46.13 before closing the day at $46.82 on Friday. Volumes in the day stood at 392.32k.

About GDS Holdings Limited

GDS Holdings Limited designs and builds data centers in China. The company has its headquarters in Shanghai, China.