Iterum Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ: ITRM) was one of the top gainers in yesterday’s trading session, and closed the day with gains of 95.47%. This followed the company’s announcement that, it had completed patient enrollment in SURE (Sulopenem for Resistance Enterobacteriaceae) clinical trial for uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UUTIs).

Commenting on the enrollment that has over 1670 patients treated, the CEO, Corey Fishman stated that, the company expects to release top-line results from the study in Q1 of 2020. He also added that, it has been more than 2 decades since the development of a new treatment for UTIs, and that the effectiveness of existing oral treatments has diminished. According to him, once this oral sulopenem is approved, it will be an option for people that are at a high risk of failed treatment using the existing oral treatments.

Sulopenem is a new penem anti-infective compound that has oral and IV formulations. It has shown to be potent in its Vitro mechanism against several gram-positive, gram-negative, and anaerobic bacteria that have demonstrated resistance to other antibiotics. If approved, it will help patients avoid hospitalization and even allow for early discharge by allowing for care continuity in step-down therapy. In terms of safety, the treatment’s safety is well documented in phase two of the study.

The trial will be a multi-center and double-blind and will measure efficacy, safety and tolerance levels to oral sulopenem in treating UUTI in adult women.  For the trial, the patients are picked at random to either receive oral sulopenem two times a day for 5 days, or oral ciprofloxacin two times a day for three days.

Looking at its price action, the stock rallied in the day to hit a high of $6.47 up from an opening price of $2.72. It then closed the day at $4.75. Volumes in the day stood at 10.29 million.

About Iterum Therapeutics Plc

Iterum Therapeutics Plc is a biopharma company that develops treatments for multi-drug resistant pathogens. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.