2021 Fantasy Football WR Auction Values: Dollar projections, rankings for standard, PPR wide receivers

No position will frustrate you more in fantasy football auction drafts than wide receiver. Not only is it tough to know how high to bid on the top-tier guys, but it’s also maddening when two WRs with similar outlooks go for drastically different prices. The latter is largely a product of when certain players are nominated, but it can also happen when one or two owners target the same potential breakout. If someone in your league happens to be in love with, say, CeeDee Lamb, then his projected dollar value below will get blown past in a hurry.

FantasyPros‘ experts’ consensus auction values are a great guide to have handy heading into your auction, but don’t be surprised if certain players go for wildly different amounts. Again, the timing of nominations factors heavily into the final bids. If most owners have already spent large chunks of their budgets and the last upper-tier WR is nominated, then the owners who still have money will go all out for him. That can lead to situations where someone like Keenan Allen nets more than early-nominee Stefon Diggs. Of course, if you throw out a stud when everyone has their full bankroll, you could see Tyreek Hill get bid all the way up to $50. If that happens, then the owner who somehow snagged, say, Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp, and Chris Godwin for a combined $55 will feel as if they had the significantly better auction.

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Of course, if the Hill winner gets “this year’s Justin Jefferson” for $3 and “this year’s Chase Claypool” for $1, suddenly they’re the one laughing. That’s how quickly fortunes can change in an auction, especially at WR where you’re going for top-end talent and depth.

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Whether you like bidding top dollar for the likes of Hill, Davante Adams, and DeAndre Hopkins or you prefer to get a few $15-$20 guys and a bunch of $5-$7 breakout candidates later, your strategy can work. Paying top dollar for multiple receivers is risky — mainly because of the unlikelihood you hit on two top-five guys — but even that is doable if you nail your $1-$2 fliers. Wide receiver is such a deep position that there will always be affordable sleepers and cheap lotto tickets. That’s especially true in PPR, where prices go up for both the mid-tier and upper-tier WRs in general, but the cheap guys remain cheap.

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So, stock up early on often on WRs — just prepare to be frustrated. You won’t win all the bidding battles– and that receiver you thought was a steal might look considerably less so after a similar pass-catcher goes for $7 less — but if you hit on the right guys, you’ll ultimately win the big bucks in the end.

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We’ll continue updating these WR auction values until Week 1, so check back for updates.

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2021 Fantasy Auction Values: WR

Dollar values courtesy of FantasyPros and based on 12-team leagues with $200 budgets.

Scoring based on standard, non-PPR formats.

All players not listed valued at $0

RankPlayerDollar Value
1Tyreek Hill, KC$43
2Davante Adams, GB$41
3Stefon Diggs, BUF$33
4Calvin Ridley, ATL$32
5DeAndre Hopkins, ARI$29
6DK Metcalf, SEA$28
7Justin Jefferson, MIN$27
8A.J. Brown, TEN$27
9Keenan Allen, LAC$21
10Mike Evans, TB$21
11Amari Cooper, DAL$21
12Terry McLaurin, WAS$20
13Allen Robinson II, CHI$20
14Robert Woods, LAR$19
15Adam Thielen, MIN$18
16CeeDee Lamb, DAL$18
17Tyler Lockett, SEA$17
18D.J. Moore, CAR$16
19Julio Jones, TEN$16
20Cooper Kupp, LAR$16
21Chris Godwin, TB$15
22Odell Beckham Jr., CLE$14
23Tee Higgins, CIN$14
24Courtland Sutton, DEN$14
25Kenny Golladay, NYG$13
26Brandon Aiyuk, SF$12
27Ja’Marr Chase, CIN$12
28Chase Claypool, PIT$11
29Diontae Johnson, PIT$10
30DJ Chark, JAC$10
31Brandin Cooks, HOU$9
32Deebo Samuel, SF$9
33Robby Anderson, CAR$8
34JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT$8
35Jerry Jeudy, DEN$8
36Michael Gallup, DAL$7
37Tyler Boyd, CIN$7
38Marquise Brown, BAL$6
39Curtis Samuel, WAS$6
40Laviska Shenault Jr., JAC$5
41Jarvis Landry, CLE$5
42Michael Thomas, NO$5
43DeVante Parker, MIA$5
44Mike Williams, LAC$5
45DeVonta Smith, PHI$5
46T.Y. Hilton, IND$5
47Will Fuller V, MIA$4
48Corey Davis, NYJ$4
49Marvin Jones Jr., JAC$3
50Mecole Hardman, KC$2
51Antonio Brown, TB$2
52Henry Ruggs III, LV$1
53Jaylen Waddle, MIA$1
54Darnell Mooney, CHI$1
55Cole Beasley, BUF$1
56Tyrell Williams, DET$1
57Michael Pittman Jr., IND$1

2021 Fantasy PPR Auction Values: WR

Dollar values courtesy of FantasyPros and based on 12-team leagues with $200 budgets.

Scoring based on full-point PPR formats.

All players not listed valued at $0

RankPlayerDollar Value
1Davante Adams, GB$44
2Tyreek Hill, KC$44
3Stefon Diggs, BUF$40
4DeAndre Hopkins, ARI$39
5Calvin Ridley, ATL$36
6Keenan Allen, LAC$31
7Justin Jefferson, MIN$30
8DK Metcalf, SEA$29
9A.J. Brown, TEN$28
10Allen Robinson II, CHI$26
11Robert Woods, LAR$26
12Amari Cooper, DAL$25
13Terry McLaurin, WAS$24
14Tyler Lockett, SEA$22
15Cooper Kupp, LAR$22
16Mike Evans, TB$21
17CeeDee Lamb, DAL$21
18Adam Thielen, MIN$20
19D.J. Moore, CAR$19
20Chris Godwin, TB$18
21Diontae Johnson, PIT$18
22Julio Jones, TEN$18
23Tee Higgins, CIN$16
24Courtland Sutton, DEN$15
25JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT$14
26Odell Beckham Jr., CLE$14
27Kenny Golladay, NYG$13
28Ja’Marr Chase, CIN$13
29Brandon Aiyuk, SF$13
30DJ Chark, JAC$12
31Robby Anderson, CAR$12
32Tyler Boyd, CIN$11
33Chase Claypool, PIT$11
34Brandin Cooks, HOU$11
35Deebo Samuel, SF$11
36Jerry Jeudy, DEN$9
37Michael Thomas, NO$8
38Jarvis Landry, CLE$8
39Michael Gallup, DAL$7
40Laviska Shenault Jr., JAC$7
41DeVante Parker, MIA$7
42Curtis Samuel, WAS$6
43Marquise Brown, BAL$6
44Will Fuller V, MIA$6
45DeVonta Smith, PHI$6
46Corey Davis, NYJ$5
47T.Y. Hilton, IND$5
48Mike Williams, LAC$4
49Marvin Jones Jr., JAC$3
50Cole Beasley, BUF$3
51Darnell Mooney, CHI$3
52Antonio Brown, TB$3
53Russell Gage, ATL$2
54Jaylen Waddle, MIA$2
55Mecole Hardman, KC$2
56Michael Pittman Jr., IND$1
57Tyrell Williams, DET$1
58Emmanuel Sanders, BUF$1
59Jalen Reagor, PHI$1
60Henry Ruggs III, LV$1
61Breshad Perriman, DET$1

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