3 Best Stocks to Invest Right Now

Although investment guru Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment exchange-traded funds once-fierce gains have dropped somewhat in 2021, it remains a very accurate predictor.

Key Points To Follow

  • The increased need for interactive content favors Unity Software.
  • Tesla is the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, and it should remain so for many years to come.
  •  Digital entertainment, e-commerce, and finance are three attractive business categories that Sea Limited is quickly expanding.

Owing to these factors, it is still worthwhile for investors to keep the stocks they may add to their portfolios. Sea Limited (NYSE: SE ), Unity Software (NYSE: U ), and Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA ) are all available at various periods, and three of our Motley Fool writers think you should follow their lead and buy them right now.

Sea Limited, a tech conglomerate, is well-positioned to become a behemoth, with not one, not two, but three fast-growing business sectors. Its overall revenue from digital entertainment was just under $1 billion in the second quarter, up a whopping 167 percent from the previous quarter. That was due to a 65 percent increase in overall bookings to $1.2 billion.

Unity Software gets well recognized for providing a development engine for creating video games. It also includes ready-to-use assets that developers can incorporate into their projects. The company’s software can also get used to building experiences that aren’t necessarily related to gaming.

The market has already priced in some good performance for the firm, which has a market valuation of $41 billion and is valued at about 39 times this year’s forecast earnings. The stock might be a significant winner for patient investors.

Major legacy automakers are scaling up their production of electric vehicles, and some, like General Motors, are claiming that by the mid-2030s, 100 percent of their fleets would be all-electric, but none come close to matching Tesla.

Ford was the second-largest EV seller in the third quarter, thanks to the nearly 19,000 Mustang Mach-Es it sold. It is still a long way behind Tesla. Although its stock does not appear to be cheap, its dominant position makes the premium worthwhile.

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