5 awesome features introduced in GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the most influential video games of recent years, so it’s not surprising that it has its fair share of innovative features.

It’s even the best-selling GTA game of all time. It isn’t just its recency that makes it such an outstanding game; it has some genuinely great features that make it stand apart from other GTA titles.

For the sake of this article, GTA Online won’t count as a feature, as it’s officially recognized as a separate game.

Still, there are many great features to choose from in GTA 5. It expanded upon many old features while also introducing many new features that gamers still talk about today. Naturally, it’s the new features that stand out the most.

Five amazing features introduced in GTA 5

#5 – First-Person View (Enhanced Edition+)

An example of First-Person View (Image via GTA Wiki)
An example of First-Person View (Image via GTA Wiki)

Technically, this feature is exclusive to the Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 (and will likely be in the Expanded and Enhanced Edition). First-Person View has also existed in some forms throughout the GTA series, but it was never as full-fledged as the one found in GTA 5.

Here, players can easily enter First-Person View and practically play the entire game in this mode.

It’s a minor feature, but it makes GTA 5 feel like a completely different game compared to the usual style GTA fans are familiar with.

#4 – Scuba Diving

Trevor Philips scuba diving (Image via GTA Wiki)
Trevor Philips scuba diving (Image via GTA Wiki)

Underwater features are quite rare within the GTA series, especially since only a few GTA games allow the player to swim and dive in a body of water. Fortunately, GTA 5 introduced several features to interest players in this department.

One of which was Scuba Diving, which players could do by exiting a Dinghy or a Submersible.

Doing so will automatically equip the player with the appropriate gear, thus allowing them to explore the underwater portions of San Andreas to find some money, collectibles, and weapons.

#3 – Strangers and Freaks

Strangers and Freaks are a greatly enhanced version of random characters from GTA 4. One example is the Bail Bonds mission, where players play as Trevor and have to either return some bail jumpers or kill them. Killing them gives the player less money, but it is easier to do.

Of course, GTA 5 has several other Strangers and Freaks worth discussing. Something like the Epsilon Program is infamous for how intentionally annoying it is. It’s basically extra missions, but with a unique twist.

#2 – Stock Market

Investing in the Stock Market is one of the best ways for players to make money in GTA 5. This is especially true thanks to Lester’s Assassinations allowing players to manipulate some stocks to their advantage.

Otherwise, the Stock Market is somewhat similar to gambling, as players can invest in stocks and hope that they perform in the direction they want it to go in. Unlike real life, the Stock Market in GTA 5 has maximum and minimum values it can never surpass, making it more predictable to manipulate.

In GTA 5, there are two stock markets to invest in. First, there’s the Liberty City National Exchange, with the second being BAWSAQ.

#1 – Mulitple playable protagonists

The three playable protagonists (Image via Rockstar Games)
The three playable protagonists (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the most definitive new features found in GTA 5 was the ability to play as multiple protagonists. After the prologue in GTA 5, players start as Franklin, before unlocking Michael. Once Michael is unlocked, players will then be able to unlock Trevor.

All three characters have completely different personalities and motivations. There are even some noticeable gameplay differences between the three of them, as they all have some unique features and missions that only they can partake in.

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