5 best active character abilities in Free Fire as of August 2021

It is August, and Free Fire’s OB29 update is nearing every moment. Gamers can expect the latest Free Fire update’s arrival within a few days.

The OB29 update is going to bring new features and optimizations to the game. Meanwhile, players can grind hard and rank up in the game to avail rank rewards.

It is essential to choose a decent Free Fire character for grinding hard, especially an active ability. Most of the characters with active abilities are far more dominant in-game.

This article will list the five best active abilities in Free Fire right now to assist players in making a better choice of character.

Free Fire characters: What are the best active abilities

5) Xayne (Xtreme Encounter)

Xayne - Xtreme Encounter (Image via Free Fire)
Xayne – Xtreme Encounter (Image via Free Fire)

Xayne has become a fan-favorite within a short time of its introduction. Her active ability is known as Xtreme Encounter, which lasts for 10 seconds at a CD of 150 seconds at the base level.

Xtreme Encounter grants a temporary 80 HP (degradable over time). Additionally, the ability also increases Xayne’s damage inflicted on the Gloo walls and shields by 40% at the first level.

4) Wukong (Camouflage)

Wukong - Camouflage (Image via Free Fire)
Wukong – Camouflage (Image via Free Fire)

Everyone’s beloved Monkey King, Wukong, has an active ability named Camouflage. Quite clearly by name, the ability helps Wukong blend into the surroundings with ease.

Players can turn Wukong into a bush for 10 seconds that stays until the player fires. Wukong has a high CD of 300 seconds which gamers can downgrade to 200 at level six.

3) K (Master of All)

K - Master of All (Image via Free Fire)
K – Master of All (Image via Free Fire)

K, popularly known as Captain Booyah, is an excellent choice for either team support or aggressive solo gameplay. One can activate either of the two modes of K’s Master of All ability:

  • Jiu-jitsu mode: Teammates within a 6 m radius receive a buff of 500% in EP conversion rate.
  • Psychology mode: Character recovers two EP every three seconds (up to 100 EP).

Apart from these two modes, players benefit from an increased Max HP by 50 at the base level.

2) Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Skyler - Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)
Skyler – Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)

Skyler is an excellent choice for a balanced gameplay strategy. He can damage as many as five Gloo walls within a 50m range through his Riptide Rhythm ability.

Players can also use Skyler for a better defense as his ability initiates an HP recovery with the deployment of a Gloo wall. The HP recovery starts at four points.

Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm has a CD of 60 seconds.

1) Alok (Drop the Beat)

Alok - Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)
Alok – Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok has been arguably the best Free Fire character in the line-up for a long time. The reason behind his dominance is the excellent support Alok provides to the allies.

At the first level, Alok’s Drop the Beat generates an aura around the character. The teammates get an enhanced speed by 10%. Additionally, the players get an improvement in HP by five per second.

Drop the Beat lasts for five seconds, which can be upscaled to 10 seconds at level six.

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