5 best biomes to build a hidden base in Minecraft

Hidden bases are a great way to live a life in secret on a Minecraft server.

These homes often involve redstone contraptions that help keep the base enclosed and hidden from the rest of the Minecraft world. The best way to stay hidden away on a Minecraft server is to blend in with the surrounding environment.

With so many biomes to choose from, it may be hard to pick which location is best for a secret base. Here are some great biome options to build hidden bases in Minecraft.

Top 5 biomes for Minecraft hidden bases

5) – Jungle

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Jungle biomes are one of the most coveted biomes in Minecraft due to their rarity. They also make great options for an inconspicuous hidden base.

These biomes are quite busy in their design, meaning that there are a lot of elements within the biome that take up lots of space. Minecraft jungle blocks have a limited color scheme and are mostly made of greens and browns. Because there is so much happening visually within these biomes, the jungle is an ideal spot to hide.

Players can blend in with their environment by building their base underground in a jungle biome, hidden by their favorite tree or a certain non-suspicious area.

4) Ocean

Building a hidden base in an ocean biome might be difficult, but it may be the most effective in terms of hiding. Especially when playing on a server with other players, it is unlikely that gamers will suspect someone to live within the ocean where they could easily drown.

This unique secret base will allow gamers to live a completely remote virtual life in Minecraft. Here, they will interact with very few mobs, and there is a much less likely chance of someone finding the base.

3) Lush cave

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

Lush caves are a brand new biome that will officially be integrated into Minecraft with the upcoming 1.18 update. These underground biomes will add an entirely new feel and look to the game.

Lush caves being a new biome will allow players to incorporate completely different vibes into their homes than ever before. What’s even more ideal about lush caves in terms of building a secret base is the fact that the biome is largely underground and likely hidden already.

Gamers can simply fill in the already existing area with their ideal base design.

2) Mountain

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Mountain biomes are many Mineraft players’ go-to for building a secret base. The biomes are practically made for hidden bases to be built within them.

Mountains provide the perfect area for carving out a place enclosed in naturally generated blocks. Many mountains have indents and tiny cave holes within their sides that players can claim as their own as well.

Or, gamers can go for a more volcanic feel by starting at the top of a mountain and digging down for a palace to build their hidden homes.

1) Above the nether

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Although not technically a biome, perhaps the best place to build a secret base in Minecraft is above the nether.

Above the nether is one infinite flat layer of bedrock. By breaking a bedrock block, players can access the roof of the nether and wander around freely. This also provides the perfect base layer for any build a player desires.

What’s great about a hidden base above the nether is that no mobs will spawn within this area on the bedrock blocks. Players can also access the nether roof from any biome. This means they can choose to place the entrance to their hidden bases in whichever nether biome they prefer.

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