5 best loot farms in Minecraft

Survival mode in Minecraft requires players to collect different resources to progress further and their build ideas. Collecting many resources can take a lot of time and effort, so players can build automatic farms in Minecraft.

Automatic farms are builds that players can make to gather and store resources constantly in Minecraft. Some of the items commonly used to build automated farms in Minecraft are pistons, sticky pistons, Redstone dust, observers, dispensers, and Redstone comparators.

Loot farms in Minecraft provide players with resources from mob drops. Most mobs in Minecraft will drop items as they die, and this game mechanic is used to create loot farms.

Top 5 loot farms in Minecraft

5) Mob farms made from spawners

Spider Spawner (Image via Minecraft wiki)
Spider Spawner (Image via Minecraft wiki)

These are farms created by players using a zombie, skeleton, or spider spawner. The items players obtain from these farms depend on which mob spawner they use. For example, a skeleton spawner farm will give players lots of bones.

4) All mob farm without spawner in the overworld

This type of farm will gather items that most hostile mobs drop on death. As mobs will spawn wherever it is dark, this farm has multiple chambers with no light source and observers connected to dispensers.

The dispensers in the middle have water buckets that force the mobs to fall onto campfires in the lowest level of the farm. Mobs will die after taking damage from the campfire, and the items are collected in chests.

3) Raid Farm

Raids are in-game events that can be triggered by players with a bad omen effect. When a player with a bad omen effect enters a chunk with a village in it, it triggers a raid on the village. The village is then attacked by hostile mobs such as vindicators and pillagers, which, on death, drop emeralds, crossbow and omnious banner.

2) Enderman Farm

Enderman farm (Image via u/B2SPIRITwasTakenWTF)
Enderman farm (Image via u/B2SPIRITwasTakenWTF)

Endermans are hostile mobs commonly found in the end dimension and sometimes in the overworld. Enderman drop ender pearls, on death, which can be used by players to craft eye of Ender. Ender Pearls also teleports players when they throw it in any direction.

1) Guardian farm

Guardians are hostile aquatic mobs found in and around naturally generated underwater structures called ocean monuments. When a guardian dies, it drops 0-2 prismarine shards which can be used to create beautiful prismarine blocks and sea lanterns.

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