5 best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for desert temples

Desert temples are amongst the most helpful structures to find in Minecraft survival worlds.

These structures are especially helpful when found early in the game, as they often give players a huge head start, or at least a place to bunker down for the first few nights. They contain all sorts of helpful loot, ranging from saddles to enchanted golden apples: one of the rarest and most powerful items in the game.

Here are five of the best seeds with nearby desert temples for Minecraft Pocket Edition survival worlds.

Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition desert temple seeds

5) Desert or Sea Temple?

Seed: 83934

This seed contains a very interesting desert temple that is just a short boat ride away from spawn. This does mean, however, that players will have to travel a bit as well as build a boat.

Though in older versions, this seed was known to spawn four desert temples all nearby the player’s spawn point, in the newest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, it works a bit differently and unfortunately more than one temple doesn’t appear.

This temple might make players wonder whether they’ve found a desert temple or an ocean monument, but don’t be fooled. The loot is still in the basement just like any other desert temple.

4) A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Seed: -1115237354

The desert temple on this useful seed can be found just a few blocks away from spawn, and will reward any Minecraft player who enters it with nice loot including gold ingots (as long as they don’t blow it up accidentally, of course.)

This temple, like many others, can also contain enchanted books, which could be very good for players who have enough iron to craft an anvil. If not, players can simply hold onto their loot until the required iron is dug up elsewhere.

This temple is also a great option for a starter home, as it can be seen from spawn and has a nice surrounding area. Right behind the temple, there’s a small patch of acacia biome which could serve as a cute backyard for a player who wishes to live there.

3) Buried Treasure

Seed: 886898534

This interesting seed for Minecraft PE starts the player off with a number of advantageous structures nearby, but also makes sure the player needs to work for the loot they eventually find.

In this seed, the player will spawn very near a badlands or mesa biome, next to which they can find not only a village with some helpful items, but also a desert temple. There is a catch, though: the temple is almost entirely underground.

Some players may not have what it takes to trek into this dark underground abandoned desert temple, but those who venture into the dangerous structure are sure to be rewarded for their efforts. The chests in this temple include a few rare items, such as enchanted books and emeralds which are useful for trading with the nearby villagers.

2) A Mirage?

Seed: 1136332378

Contrary to what the huge lake behind this temple will have most players believe, this seed does not include any mirages; it’s all real. The water located near this temple is very reminiscent of a desert mirage, giving the seed a mystical feel.

This seed not only spawns the player near a desert village, but also near a temple that has a huge lake in its backyard. That lake gives this temple a feeling like no other. Plus, once the player goes through the village and makes their way to the temple, they will be set for entering the nether due to this temple’s loot.

That’s right, this temple is home to a lot of precious loot, including some enchanted books, emeralds, iron and even three diamonds which is just enough to make a diamond pickaxe and enter the nether once the player gets their hands on some obsidian.

1) Surrounded by Civilization

Seed: -1294686194

This super helpful seed is one with an incredibly rare occurrence near spawn. There is a desert temple surrounded by four entirely separate villages.

Apart from having four different villages to loot, each giving the player a plethora of good items, the temple chests on this seed are full of treasures as well, and are sure to make any player’s first few nights much easier.

This temple also has the added benefit of being filled with emeralds, meaning that Minecraft players can easily trade with any of the four nearby village residents for even more rare and helpful items.

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