5 best plugins for Minecraft server admins

Servers are currently the most popular way in which Minecraft multiplayer is enjoyed.

Admins can modify Minecraft gameplay elements by installing plugins on their servers. These plugins allow for new content and features outside of vanilla Minecraft to be available on the server.

There are thousands of unique plugins for Minecraft server admins to install. This article will take a look at some of the best and most popular plugins.

5 of the most popular Minecraft plugins

#1 LuckPerms

Most Minecraft servers will somehow need to track player permissions. This is so that players can be given different abilities, roles, and access to certain things. A permissions plugin is also needed to set up staff roles on the server.

The most popular permissions plugin is currently LuckPerms, which players can freely download and set up on their server.

LuckPerms also comes with a helpful Wiki page that covers a wide range of use cases, making it a no-brainer for any server admin.

Download here

#2 Essentials

Ever wondered how Minecraft economy servers have their own monetary system and implement kits? Well, Essentials is the most popular plugin for adding key server components that players have likely come across in the past.

The Essentials plugin is behind popular server command functionality such as /msg, /tpa, /spawn, and /kit.

Download here

#3 WorldGuard

WorldGuard is another common plugin used by almost all modern-day Minecraft servers. The plugin primarily prevents griefing, allowing admins to set up certain protected zones on the server.

However, WorldGuard can be used for much more than just this. The plugin includes functionality such as giving players potion effects in specific areas, denying entry to certain areas, and much more.

Download here

#4 WorldEdit

WorldEdit serves various building purposes and allows admins to quickly make large changes to the map, reducing the time spent on tedious tasks.

WorldEdit can take a while to master. However, Sportskeeda has a helpful guide for some of the best and most useful WorldEdit commands here.

Download here

#5 NoCheat Plus

Tired of pesky cheaters flying around and using hacks to kill other players? NoCheat Plus is a completely free plugin that aims to stop players from cheating. The plugin will block the majority of blatant cheats.

It’s frankly impossible to completely stop all players from cheating on any Minecraft server. However, NoCheat Plus aims to make it a lot harder and much less effective.

Download here

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