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5 best things about desert biomes in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft

In Minecraft, desert biomes get a bad reputation, but they can actually be some of the most useful biomes in the game.

Desert biomes are dry biomes made up entirely of sand. There are no trees, barely any animal mobs, rarely any water… Generally speaking, it may not seem all that great.

However, every biome has its upsides and downsides. Despite the negatives, desert biomes have some awesome benefits to reap. This article will list some of the best aspects of desert biomes in Minecraft.

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Minecraft desert biome perks

#5 – Blocks

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

While they may not seem all that beneficial, dead bushes can really come in clutch when players are in need of sticks, perhaps during a speed run. Because there are no trees, this is a nice addition to make sure that players who might be stuck in a desert biome still have options to make tools.

Cactus blocks provide green dye and can be used as decorations. Cactus also proves useful for gaining experience, as when smelted into green dye, they reward the player with a significant amount of experience points.

#4 – Villages

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

This perk is ranked lower on this list due to not being exclusive to the desert biome. Villages spawn in plenty of other biomes as well, but not anywhere near to the rate at which they can be found in deserts.

Because desert biomes are so flat and open, it is possible to spot structures like villages hundreds of blocks away.

Desert villages are useful for a number of reasons, but first and foremost, these places are for a player who spawned in a desert to get important items like wood and a crafting table.

Additionally, loot such as apples and emeralds can often be found in village chests, ensuring good trades and a full hunger bar for any player lucky enough to find one.

#3 – Proximity to other biomes

Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft

Deserts are almost always near plains and savanna biomes. They also often border vast ocean biomes. What’s more, desert biomes also tend to border badlands biomes. Players in search of this rare biome will have a better chance of finding it when in or near a desert.

Especially when players spawn in the desert and are in need of trees to get started, they can venture off and assuredly find salvation within a reasonable distance.

#2 – Fossils

Although extremely common in the soul sand biomes of the nether, fossils in the overworld only spawn in swamp and desert biomes. This exclusivity makes overworld fossils some of the rarest occurrences in the entire game of Minecraft.

Deserts are a good place to find these super rare spawns, as they can be more easily dug up when surrounded by sand. Plus, with all the wide open space in the desert, there’s plenty of room to surround fossils with museum builds that are sure to impress anyone who visits.

#1 – Desert temples

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

By far, the best part about the Minecraft desert biome is the desert temple structures. These ancient-looking buildings hold a secret that any expert Minecraft player can access within seconds.

Deep underneath the clay pattern on the floor of the temple, there lies a room full of incredible loot, including emeralds, saddles, horse armor, and even enchanted golden apples.

However, players need to be careful, as desert temples are also booby-trapped with a pressure plate and tons of TNT. Once players remove the pressure plate and gather all their hard earned loot, they can even mine down further to take all the TNT, which can be used to blow up whatever the player chooses.

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