5 characters from GTA 3 who betrayed Claude but paid dearly for it

Claude betrays criminals almost as often as he gets betrayed himself in GTA 3; it’s everyone for themselves.

GTA 3 starts with Claude at his lowest point. His former lover and long-time accomplice had double-crossed him in a bank robbery. Left for dead and in police custody, Claude manages to escape and break free of his bonds.

His only goal in life is to take down Catalina and her Colombian cartel.

Throughout all of Liberty City, Claude performs multiple jobs for different gangs. However, if he doesn’t betray them first, they certainly will.

Claude made several dangerous enemies in GTA 3. By the end of the game, however, players can ensure he is the only one left standing.

Five times a GTA 3 betrayal didn’t end well for Claude’s enemies

#5 – Catalina

Catalina always had backstabbing tendencies, dating back to GTA San Andreas (which took place nine years earlier). She had already left Carl Johnson for Claude. But what goes around comes around for Claude – Catalina decides he lacks ambition and nearly kills him.

She couldn’t be any more wrong about Claude. While he lacks a talkative personality, he makes up for it in his actions. GTA players will spend the entire game with a clear goal in mind.

Claude wants to severely weaken her forces before he takes on Catalina personally.

In the game’s climax, Catalina dies in a fiery explosion via a rocket launcher. Even with the great distance between her helicopter and dry land, Claude wasn’t going to let her get away with everything. Had it not been for her two-timing nature, they would’ve been uncontested rulers of the underworld.

#4 – Salvatore Leone

Little did Claude realize CJ was indirectly responsible for Salvatore Leone’s surprising betrayal in Last Requests. The mafia don could once reliably count on his henchmen to do his dirty work.

After CJ robbed his casino blind, however, he became a very distrustful person.

When Salvatore’s wife Maria told him she was seeing Claude, it no doubt influenced his decision to attempt an assassination. Despite Claude always following his orders, Salvatore makes a preemptive move on his life. He told him to pick up a vehicle that was set to blow up.

Maria ends up warning Claude ahead of time. GTA players have a newfound employer in Asuka Kasen, leader of the Yakuza. She tasks Claude to sever his ties with the mafia and he complies by taking Salvatore out in front of his club.

#3 – Miguel

Miguel doesn’t get to do much in GTA 3. He is Catalina’s right hand man, which should make him a powerful threat. However, that is undermined by the fact he gets taken out in a cut-scene. Miguel simply chose the wrong side.

During an intense moment in construction, Claude had both Miguel and Catalina at gunpoint. He wants them to hand over an important package.

While Miguel willingly tries to comply, Catalina is disgusted by his weakness. She shoots Miguel and leaves him for dead as she escapes.

Miguel gets it worse than any other antagonist. He pleads for Claude to save him from the wrath of Asuka, which falls on deaf ears. Miguel is left tortured for a long time before Catalina returns to kill him and Asuka.

#2 – Courtney King

Courtney King is the Jamaican boss of Uptown Yardies. While he never makes a physical appearance in GTA 3, he does give missions through a payphone. Claude is tasked with taking out rival gangs left and right.

However, unbeknownst to Claude, his enemy Catalina makes a secretive deal behind his back as Courtney switches allegiances and leads Claude to a death trap.

In the mission Kingdom Come, GTA players must blow up suicide bombers before they blow them up.

The Jamaican leader is lucky he only makes a vocal appearance in the game. Otherwise, it’s likely Claude would’ve killed him in cold blood. As it stands, Courtney is one of the very few enemies to make it out alive.

#1 – Various criminal gangs

Claude works for so many criminal organizations, it’s inevitable he gets on the bad side with most of them. While he does work closely with them, he either betrays them or they betray him.

From the Leone family to the Uptown Yardies, his former allies became enemies during the course of events in GTA 3.

By the end of the game, almost every gang is hostile to the GTA player. Five out of seven gangs will shoot Claude on sight if they see him. Only the Southside Hoods and Yakuza remain on friendly terms.

Nonetheless, the damage is already done – Claude reigns supreme in the criminal landscape of Liberty City.

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