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5 directions Moose can go after Slammiversary

Moose has his eyes on one prize, and it doesn

Moose has gone through such a major change in the past year. After crowning himself the TNA World Champion, Moose went on to “control his narrative” in a feud with EC3. Ever since then, he’s been more dedicated than ever to reach the top of the mountain in IMPACT Wrestling.

He’s in the best shape of his life at the moment and has proven himself to be someone worthy of that top spot. Unfortunately, he failed to win the world title from Kenny Omega at Against All Odds and now finds himself slightly lower down the card at Slammiversary. He’ll face Chris Sabin in a grudge match, as Moose was responsible for putting him and Beer Guns partner James Storm on the shelf a few months back.

While that should be an exciting match-up, it’s not something Moose is focused on. He’s looking to make a statement. He feels he’s the best IMPACT has to offer, and nobody else should be getting a crack at the gold before him. So where does Moose go from here? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Here are five directions Moose can go after Slammiversary.

#5 Moose costs Sami Callihan at Slammiversary

Moose is clearly not done with IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega. The Best Bout Machine would not have beaten him had the Young Bucks not interfered on his behalf. At Against All Odds, Omega escaped with the title, and Moose never even got a chance to follow up any story afterward.

Why? Well, Sami Callihan inserted himself right into the title picture moments after Moose’s loss. Callihan laid out The Bucks and Omega before getting fired by Don Callis.

After being reinstated, Callihan was instantly given a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship at Slammiversary. Before Moose could make his case to get involved, Chris Sabin challenged him to a match at the same show. Moose is not worried about Sabin in any sense, and is clearly still focused on Omega.

Moose clearly wants to be the one to beat Omega. He wants to force IMPACT Wrestling to make him their number one choice and turn him into the flagbearer of the brand. He can’t do that if Callihan bests Omega at Slammiversary.

After his match with Sabin, he’ll more than likely get involved in the title bout, attacking Callihan. It will be thanks to Moose that Omega will leave, once again, with all the gold. What would come after that? Well, it’s Sami Callihan, so odds are we’ll head into some kind of hardcore match. Full Metal Mayhem, a Street Fight, what have you!

That feud could lead to determining a new contender for Omega.

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