5 hidden secrets in GTA San Andreas that were never meant to be found

Even after many years of its release, GTA San Andreas remains a treasure trove of hidden content. Players continue to search for hard-to-find secrets in the game.

While there are several little secrets here and there, Rockstar Games would’ve preferred some of them to be left in the dark.

GTA players have learned an important lesson about open-world exploration from Rockstar Games – always look everywhere. Even off-limits areas give players an invitation to enter without permission.

As a result, some of the secrets on this list were found through trial and error (with or without the consent of Rockstar Games).

5 GTA San Andreas secrets that weren’t meant to be found

#5 – Hot Coffee

This is arguably the most costly mistake Rockstar Games have ever made. Originally, the company intended to implement a sex mini-game. One of CJ’s girlfriends could invite him over after a successful date, which would prompt this feature. However, this mini-game was taken out before the game’s launch date.

What Rockstar didn’t count on was somebody accessing this mini-game on the Windows port of GTA San Andreas. Nobody knew about this until a year after its original release. When it was discovered, it caused a major uproar among moral guardians. Congressional lawmakers also got in on the action.

Despite their denials of any wrongdoing, Rockstar were in legal trouble. The GTA modding community proved there was a censoring tool meant to remove this feature. As a result, the company was forced to pay millions in class-action lawsuits.

#4 – Blue Hell

Every single 3D game in the GTA series has what is known as Blue Hell. Underneath the map terrain is an empty place where players can see the entire landscape.

GTA San Andreas has its own version of Blue Hell. Not every area in San Andreas is solid; there may be openings where a GTA player can fall right through. If players use a jetpack, they will find themselves an opening somewhere on the map.

With the use of the jetpack, GTA players can now explore this empty area. They will see many streets and the inside of several buildings.

Players should note that Blue Hell is not to be confused with the Hidden Interiors Universe. The latter is where the in-game interiors can be found, not the outdoors.

#3 – Downgrading the Steam version

GTA San Andreas has a history of porting disasters. Whenever Rockstar outsources to a cheaper company, it results in a lack of quality control.

Steam versions of GTA San Andreas are terrible for three reasons: music track expirations, countless glitches, and updates that remove modding features.

To get around this, GTA players have to downgrade GTA San Andreas back to the original v1.0. There are several videos online on how to achieve this, which can be helpful for players who lack tech-savviness.

#2 – Game-breaking skip that beats the game

Long before the speedrunning community took off, video games were meant to be played in a linear fashion. Rockstar certainly didn’t intend for players to figure out ways to exploit the game.

Speedrunners want to make it to the end as fast as possible. There is a secret that players can learn to do so.

A few years ago, speedrunner Powdinet figured out a way to cut back game completion from three hours to less than 20 minutes. Long story short, GTA players can manipulate in-game variables through specific tasks. If done correctly, the game starts the final mission.

Speedrunner Karl Jobst has a great video on how to perform this trick. Although Powdinet no longer has a world record, it’s through his efforts that GTA players can beat the game more easily.

#1 – GTA players can attend a Ballas funeral without any hostility

There is no love lost between Grove Street Families and the Ballas. In a deeply personal rivalry between two major gangs, Sweet decided to forgo civility and to crash a funeral.

In the Los Sepulcros mission, GTA players must reach a cemetery and wait for a high-ranking member to arrive. Normally, they must avoid making a scene or else they will spook the Ballas.

Players are supposed to climb over a wall and talk to Sweet behind a building. However, they can instead take a right and make their way to the funeral.

None of the Ballas will attack CJ. This is strange, considering their mutual hostilities. It could potentially be a developer oversight.

Either way, GTA players can look at the casket until the rest of the Ballas arrive. They can even shoot at it, and nothing will happen to them. However, the mission will fail if they hit the Ballas.

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