5 of the most fun missions in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is a superbly fun game to play, so it’s no surprise that some of its missions are a blast to play through.

Some GTA San Andreas missions are frustrating and not worth the effort. However, it’s the fun missions that make the players enjoy the game.

These GTA San Andreas missions are often complex, tell a good story, or involve the most entertaining aspects of the game. Sometimes, they have all three.

GTA San Andreas has a lot of fun missions, but the following missions tend to be fan favorites. They could be difficult missions, but a little difficulty isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, it adds to the charm of these missions.

Five fun missions in GTA San Andreas

#5 – Stowaway

The idea of using a motorcycle to catch up to a fleeing plane seems intriguing, but it’s the fact that CJ has to blow up that plane that takes it up an extra notch. Although there are agents on board, players are told not to shoot lest they blow up the plane (thus killing themselves in the process).

It starts with the players on their bike, trying to dodge rolling barrels and the agents’ gunfire. Once the player is inside, they continue to dodge more rolling barrels and use a melee weapon to dispose of the agents.

In the end, they plant a satchel charge and blow up the plane as they jump off.

#4 – Just Business

Just Business sounds like a simple mission in GTA San Andreas, but there are some aspects that make it one of the more fun missions in the game. For starters, it involves CJ protecting Big Smoke from a bunch of Russians.

It starts off with CJ doing the usual shooting on foot before escalating to him sitting in the back seat of Big Smoke’s motorcycle.

Thus, the player doesn’t have to worry about driving too much in this mission, as Big Smoke takes care of all of that. Instead, the player just shoots all of the bad guys and that’s it.

There’s a good amount of foes to take care of, so trigger happy people will love this mission.

#3 – Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s

Although this is an optional mission, it’s still one of the best and most exhilarating ones in GTA San Andreas. It’s the epic culmination of the Triad’s planning that showcases how fun heists can be in the GTA series.

Sadly, Zero screws everything up, but CJ is still able to grab the money and get away scot-free. The mission itself is action-oriented and has a few different objectives to keep it from feeling repetitive.

Plus, there is something satisfying about not only punching Zero in the face but also seeing Salvatore Leone get infuriated by CJ’s actions.

#2 – Black Project

What could be cooler than infiltrating Area 69? Fortunately, Black Project provides the answer in the form of CJ single-handedly sneaking into Area 69 and managing to steal a jetpack to deliver it to The Truth.

It’s as awesome as it sounds, and there are also a few ways to complete this mission (thus adding more mission replayability). Still, players get to explore Area 69 and infiltrate a place they’d normally have no reason to go to, which helps make the mission feel fresher.

The dialogue is also quite amusing, which helps make this mission feel exciting for what’s ultimately a lighthearted endeavor.

#1 – End of the Line

End of the Line is a suitably epic finale to GTA San Andreas’s story. There are two major parts of this mission worth discussing. First, there’s infiltrating Big Smoke’s crack palace and killing him. Second, there’s the chase scene with Officer Tenpenny and his eventual demise.

The first half is quite interesting, as it feels more daunting than the usual infiltration missions in GTA San Andreas. Big Smoke has a lot of goons to take care of throughout three floors, but CJ eventually succeeds.

The cutscenes in this mission are also highly memorable, which adds to the fun factor. Even if players don’t directly kill Officer Tenpenny, the whole scene plays out as a satisfying conclusion to GTA San Andreas’s story.

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