5 players the Washington Wizards should trade for in the 2021 NBA offseason

After a less than successful 2020-21 NBA season, the Washington Wizards will still have plenty of positives to take to next season. They got off to a terrible start to the season, but were impressive against elite teams throughout. A big second-half revival saw them make their way to the NBA play-in tournament.

The Washington Wizards were unlucky with injuries throughout the season and lost Thomas Bryant towards the beginning. However, there are not a lot of areas that need improvement. That is something Bryant’s eventual return, and the improved performances from players such as Rui Hachimura, Daniel Gafford and Davis Bertans in the second half of the regular season ensured. Bertans is currently earning over $15 million a year. Wizards’ GM Tommy Sheppard recently suggested that he plans to go into the market for another potential superstar.

5 players the Washington Wizards can acquire in the 2021 NBA offseason

Apart from a potential superstar, the Washington Wizards are also in need of 3 and D players and perimeter defenders. They might also consider adding size to the roster and were dominated by the Philadelphia 76ers in round 1 of the playoffs. Regardless, without further ado, we look at five players the Washington Wizards can sign in the coming offseason.

#5 Myles Turner

The Indiana Pacers’ Myles Turner has been linked with a move away for quite some time. Given the fact that the Pacers just fired their head-coach, Turner is a potential target that will benefit the Washington Wizards.

Apart from being an able three-point shooter, Turner can defend multiple positions, and has led the NBA for blocks in two of the past three seasons. Turner is a reliable scorer who will add size and depth to the Washington Wizards’ rotation, and is versatile enough to slot alongside Bradley Beal at the PF spot. He is currently on a $20 million a year contract, and is the ideal player that the Wizards can look at.

#4 Robert Covington

Another potential addition to the roster for the Washington Wizards could be Robert Covington. The Wizards have already suggested that they will be open to paying the luxury tax this year. In Covington, they have a player who slots in perfectly into the roster and does not require too many assets going the other way.

Myles Turner in action against the Utah Jazz
Myles Turner in action against the Utah Jazz

Covington is an able three-point shooter who registered more than 40% shooting efficiefromform distance this season. He is also a solid perimeter and interior defender who is also versatile enough to play at multiple positions. The Washington Wizards have a number of players that they can look at to add depth and scoring to their roster, and Robert Covington is certainly one of them.

#3 Marcus Smart

Another player capable of doing the dirty work for the Washington Wizards’ defense while providing a decent scoring threat is Marcus Smart, who might as well be viewed as a tradeable asset by the Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Two
Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets – Game Two

Smart is a cheaper alternative to a “potential superstar” that the Washington Wizards are on the lookout for. He had his best season with respect to points and assists despite missing a large part of the season. However, Marcus Smart was fit throughout the second half of the season, and is another potential signing that the Washington Wizards can look at. He could potentially be a replacement for Raul Neto, an unrestricted free agent in the offseason.

#2 Kristaps Porzingis

Another player who has come up as a potential option in recent days is Kristaps Porzingis. The Dallas Mavericks might be looking to move their European star on after they failed to make it past round 1 of the playoffs. Currently, apart from Doncic, Porzingis is their second biggest asset, although the Washington Wizards might struggle to put together a good enough package.

Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics
Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics

A move for Porzingis should also result in Thomas Bryant and at least one more asset moving in the other direction, although the Washington Wizards will get exactly what they need. He’s a good defender who can shoot, and should be an ideal rotation partner for Daniel Gafford, a player that the Washington Wizards want to keep. While Porzingis is without double the biggest signing that the Wizards can target, he is also the most difficult to pull off.

#1 Pascal Siakam

With recent NBA rumors linking the Wizards to multiple big centers, Pascal Siakam looks like a player who can fit in well alongside the likes of Westbrook and Bradley Beal. Siakam is a good rebounder, can defend, and is a prolific scorer who will certainly be a huge offensive addition for the Washington Wizards.

Siakam is not a good three-point shooter, and the Wizards will have to acquire further players in order to properly compete for a deep playoff run next season. However, Siakam’s injury, the fact that he looks ready to start as a playoff contender and the lack of availability of potential superstars in the coming offseason means that Siakam might as well be an option for the Washington Wizards to look at.

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