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5 reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs are well on their way to building a dynasty

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have been winning for a while. They’ve been in the playoff conversation each season for the last half-decade or longer. They’re the favorites to make the Super Bowl each season. Things are looking good, and have been looking good in Kansas City for quite a while.

The Chiefs are not the new kids on the block anymore. When teams have been as good as the Chiefs for as long as the Chiefs, the talk of dynasties begins. Here are five reasons why the Chiefs may be close to one.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs are close to fashioning the next NFL dynasty

#1 – Patrick Mahomes has not had a bad season

Outside of his rookie year in which he sat behind Alex Smith, Patrick Mahomes has been arguably the best quarterback in football. Since quarterbacks disproportionally affect their team’s level of success in football, Mahomes’ success has equaled the Chiefs’ success.

After three years with Mahomes as a starter, the Chiefs have made an AFC Championship game, won a Super Bowl, and lost a Super Bowl.

#2 – NFL dynasties start at three Super Bowl appearances in a row…

Dynasties are much more common in the NBA than in the NFL. NBA playoff rules force teams to play each other multiple times, giving the more talented teams more opportunities to overcome lazy starts. In the NFL, the playoffs are single elimination. This leads to upsets and odd outcomes.

This makes NBA-style dynasties nearly impossible in the NFL. Since the degree of difficulty is immense, the popular belief is that NFL dynasties start at three Super Bowl appearances. The Kansas City Chiefs have two in a row in their third season with Mahomes as a starter.

No other team has come close to making three Super Bowls in a row in this period.

#3 – The Chiefs have won their division each year since 2016

If they are not considered a dynasty at the NFL level, they are definitely considered one at the division level. Since 2016, the Chiefs have won the division title every season. Going back to 2013, the Chiefs have either won the division or come in second place. The AFC West is the Chiefs’ playground.

#4 – Andy Reid isn’t going anywhere

Andy Reid is the only person in the Chiefs’ organization with more clout than Patrick Mahomes. He has been the architect behind the Chiefs’ rise over the last decade. At 63 years old and still winning, Reid isn’t walking away anytime soon. Reid’s current contract runs through 2025, according to Yahoo Sports.

#5 – Young offensive pieces in their core

Patrick Mahomes is only 25 years old. Tyreek Hill is 27. Mecole Hardman is only 23. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is 22. Bigger picture: the Kansas City Chiefs are a very young team in all the most important spots in their scheme. There’s immense potential in those spots, and everyone’s sold on the project.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid
Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid

The only player they’ll need to replace in the near future is Travis Kelce, who turns 32 this year. Otherwise, this offensive powerhouse can stay intact for five years or longer. That’s some dynasty building momentum right there.

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