5 recognizable vehicles that belong to GTA protagonists

Most GTA protagonists have a personal vehicle of their choosing, which is often tied to their respective personalities.

There are two skills that are essential to the GTA experience – shooting and driving. However, it’s not enough to be good with guns.

Players also need to go from one point to another, which is made easier with a personal vehicle. It certainly saves time on carjacking and avoiding police attention.

While players have the freedom to choose which vehicle they want, these are special ones with stronger associations to the protagonists. GTA 5 particularly stands out; all three playable characters have their own personal vehicle. Even if they lose it, the vehicles will respawn later.

Five iconic vehicles from GTA player characters

#5 – CJ’s bike

Here he goes again (Image via lmaogre from Gameplay Tips)
Here he goes again (Image via lmaogre from Gameplay Tips)

While this isn’t a vehicle-of-choice for Carl Johnson, he does use it regularly at the start of GTA San Andreas. In the very first mission (In the Beginning), CJ is left behind in Ballas territory.

To get back into Grove Street, he steals a nearby bike and takes off. It’s the first time in the GTA series players can ride bikes.

The OG members of the Grove Street Families use these bikes a few more times during missions. One memorable instance is when they have to escape the Ballas during a drive-by and that remains a classic image of GTA San Andreas.

GTA 5 references CJ riding a bike from the Hood Safari mission, where a lookalike shows up as a hidden secret. It’s not surprising CJ is often associated with it, given he is the first GTA protagonist to try it out.

Bikes allow players to perform neat tricks, which the game keeps track of on the menu screen.

#4 – Johnny’s Hexer

Johnny Klebitz with his most prized treasure (Image via Rockstar Games)
Johnny Klebitz with his most prized treasure (Image via Rockstar Games)

A biker is nothing without his bike. It represents freedom – for those few seconds on the road, real-world troubles vanish in the rearview mirror. The bike must become an extension of the biker.

That is what the Hexer is to Johnny Klebitz, a member of the Lost MC outlaws.

Johnny’s preferred method of transportation is this modern classic motorcycle. Given the prominent use of bikes in Lost and Damned, GTA players can expect to use them frequently in missions.

The Hexer will conveniently respawn in the parking lots of local clubhouses.

#3 – Trevor’s Bodhi

Trevor’s most trustworthy vehicle (Image via GTA Wiki)

This mechanical pile of red-colored rust belongs to Trevor Philips. His Bodhi is an outdoor vehicle that can traverse the sandy terrain of Blaine County.

Background information suggests it was once a military vehicle that was repurposed to what it currently is. The license plate reads BETTY 32.

Once a certain mission is complete (Hang Ten), Trevor will accessorize the grill with a stuffed teddy bear. It’s quite the contrast between a children’s toy and a deranged serial killer, to say the least. Mr. Rasberry will remain there unless GTA players customize the front bumper.

Speaking of which, every GTA 5 protagonist can go to a local custom shop and change the vehicle’s appearance. Whether it’s rear spoilers or a fresh new coat of paint, GTA players can be creative with their choices.

In Trevor’s case, he can certainly use the extra armor and bulletproof tires.

#2 – Michael’s Tailgater

Michael likes his cars looking classy (Image via GTA Wiki)
Michael likes his cars looking classy (Image via GTA Wiki)

Style, status, and sophistication – these are the words Simeon Yetarian uses when he describes the Tailgater. Michael De Santa owns a black-colored variation, which he parks in front of his million-dollar mansion. His license plate reads 5MDS003.

Tailgaters are relatively common in affluent places like Vinewood Hills. Even Michael’s hated enemy has one of these; Devin Weston is in possession of at least two.

However, should GTA players choose to customize, Michael’s can stand out from useful modifications.

#1 – Franklin’s Buffalo S

Franklin is one of the best GTA drivers for good reason (Image via GTA Wiki)
Franklin is one of the best GTA drivers for good reason (Image via GTA Wiki)

Franklin Clinton is a masterful driver who can manuever the tightest of turns. What makes it easier for him is the great performance of his Buffalo S. It’s a vehicle with good acceleration and top speed.

However, it requires modifications to reach its potential. Franklin’s license plate reads FC1988.

The Buffalo S is normally painted white, although GTA players can customize it differently. Franklin will be putting his driving skills to the test during missions. Along with his special ability to slow down time, the Buffalo S proves a useful commodity in difficult situations.

Franklin is indubitably the best driver in GTA 5, which means players will spend a lot of time with this particular vehicle. Interestingly, Franklin has another personal vehicle, which is a green Bagger.

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