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5 released WWE Superstars who could be main event talent if given the chance

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Outside of a handful of WWE Superstars, almost every wrestler who works for WWE has fans who think they could be the company’s top star if just given the chance.

Whilst that certainly won’t apply to every wrestler WWE has ever had on its books, we have seen countless examples of WWE Superstars languishing in the company, only to find a new lease of life when elsewhere.

We’ve seen Dean Ambrose absolutely shine outside of WWE in New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. We’ve seen the former Hideo Itami become a top star in NJPW as KENTA and former SAnitY leader Eric Young immediately won the IMPACT world title after returning to the company.

But, looking at all of the former superstars that WWE released in 2021, which ones have the most potential to become stars, future world champions and top main event players in professional wrestling? Let’s see!

#5. Former WWE World Champion Braun Strowman

Some might argue that Braun Strowman was already in the main event for WWE, especially as they gave him a world title run. However, I think it’s very obvious his title run was a filler one and that they had no legitimate plans for Strowman to be one of the company’s top champions.

And indeed, Strowman was often on the cusp of superstardom in WWE, but every time he seemed to be getting close to breaking out as one of the company’s top stars, his booking would eventually go on to let him down.

But anyone who has watched Strowman at his best will know exactly what The Monster Among Men is capable of and will think it’s obvious that the big man should be in the main event of a wrestling promotion, not just because of his size, but his athleticism as well.

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