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5 special vehicles in GTA San Andreas that were awesome

In GTA San Andreas, The Truth is always out there (Image via GTA Wiki)

There are multiple special vehicles in GTA San Andreas, each with unique properties that make them must-own products.

In sharp contrast to standard vehicles in GTA San Andreas, these special ones have exceptional qualities. For example, these vehicles can have one-of-a-kind paint jobs. Other distinctive traits include being entirely bullet-proof, fire-proof, explosion-proof, and damage-proof.

Every special vehicle is incredibly rare to find. They only appear in select missions, which gives GTA players a limited time frame. Storing these vehicles in a garage, however, can prove useful.

Whether a player needs to perform difficult missions more easily or they want a cool ride, these vehicles stand out.

Five GTA San Andreas vehicles that were special

#5 – The Mothership from The Truth

Easily the most colorful vehicle in the game, this trippy camper is an out-of-this-world experience. It’s owned by a drug-inducing hippy only known as The Truth. Besides the unique paint job, this special variant is also explosion-proof.

It only makes a few appearances in the game, such as the mission Are You Going to San Fierro? Players can fail that mission by taking out The Truth, then driving the vehicle back into any garage. Keep in mind that due to a glitch, stored vehicles can sometimes lose their custom paint jobs.

The Mothership is arguably one of the coolest looking vehicles in the entire game. It’s a wacky but fun camper to drive around the countryside with.

#4 – A white Buffalo from Eddie Pulaski

GTA players get the chance to kill Eddie Pulaski in the High Noon mission. They had to chase him across Bone County before they finished him off for good. Notably, he drives a uniquely white Buffalo.

While it starts off with all-proof traits, it will lose it if Pulaski drives the vehicle long enough. Players have to be quick on their feet and take him out beforehand.

Some of them prefer to use a jetpack. By placing it in the right spawn, they can speed up and get into the vehicle before Pulaski does.

Once the officer makes it into the vehicle, it loses its special traits. Interestingly, if it gets blown up during the chase, it will respawn in the next cut-scene. GTA players can still take it shortly after Pulaski dies.

#3 – All-proof Tampa from Emmet

This all-proof Tampa is available near the start of GTA San Andreas. During one of the early missions, Nines and AK’s, CJ and Big Smoke practiced their shooting with local gun dealer Emmet. There is a Tampa parked right nearby.

While it will take a while, players can push the vehicle out of the shooting range. They must do so before they shoot their first shot. Players can then use Big Smoke’s Glendale to push the Tampa into the Grove Street garage. It requires tons of patience but it’s entirely possible.

Players also need to also have a parachute at hand. Once both the Tampa and Glendale are in the garage, they can stomp on the vehicles until they explode, failing the mission.

Get out of the garage, then save. The newly acquired Tampa should still be there. Having an all-proof vehicle early in the game is a huge asset.

#2 – Patriot from Big Smoke

During the San Fierro section of GTA San Andreas, Cesar will give CJ a call regarding Big Smoke. Every Monday and Friday, one of Big Smoke’s couriers will arrive in the city. Cesar suggested CJ steal the contents of the vehicle.

To obtain the vehicle, GTA players need to bring a towtruck. Once they complete the side mission, they should follow the Patriot and wait for the courriers to leave. Players can now tow it back to the Doherty garage.

This special Patriot is completely immune to damage from bullets, fire, and explosions. It’s especially useful during gang wars. All a player needs to do is run over the enemy waves and they are good to go.

#1 – S.W.A.T.

This specialized water tank is only available in the final mission of GTA San Andreas, End of the Line. Players need to break into Big Smoke’s crack palace by ramming this S.W.A.T. vehicle into a wall. However, they can take it for themselves instead. They only get one chance to do so.

After a player brings the S.W.A.T. to any garage, they can kill themselves to fail the mission. Afterwards, it should remain in the garage. This armored riot tank is immune to fire and bullets.

Thanks to its good driving performance and water hose, it can be fun to mess around with the S.W.A.T.

Interestingly, it can be used for vigilante missions. However, it is not recommend since the vehicle is too slow to catch up to perps.

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