5 vehicles every beginner should own in GTA Online

From futuristic motorcycles to weaponized trucks to submersible cars, GTA Online features a diverse assortment of vehicles, each more expensive than the other.

While the game owes a huge part of its popularity to all the mind-blowing vehicles Rockstar keeps adding to it, the assortment of choices available can be rather overwhelming for newbie beginners. It doesn’t help that most of these vehicles are notoriously expensive and often go way out of a beginner’s budget.

This article takes a look at 5 of the best beginner vehicles players can buy in GTA Online without shelling out a small fortune.

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5 best beginner vehicles in GTA Online

5) Dominator

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Inspired by the fifth generation Ford Mustang, the Dominator is one of the better muscle cars in GTA Online and one that is extremely undervalued. While it won’t be breaking any speed limits anytime soon, especially not when competing against lightning-fast sports cars, it’s still a decent vehicle that does the job for newbie enthusiasts.

4) Schafter V12

Another great vehicle that doesn’t get enough appreciation in GTA Online. While it’s not a Sports Classic, it’s still a great vehicle that comes equipped with a number of beginner-friendly features and butter-smooth handling.

Recorded at a top speed of 124.25 mph (199.96 km/h), the Schafter V12 is surprisingly fast for a vehicle of its class and can be used for GTA Online Races.

The Schafter V12 may or may not promise absolute victory but it will definitely be able to hold its own in a race and make for one heck of a ride.

3) Bati 801

GTA Online features a number of great motorcycles, but not many can go toe to toe with the Bati bikes. 801, in particular, is a dream to own and a joy to ride. It doesn’t disappoint in the looks department either and is exceptionally fast for such a bulky bike.

While motorcycles do not offer as much security as bulletproof cars, some players still prefer the thrill of riding a bike as opposed to the safety of an all-enclosed vehicle.

For anyone looking for a decent beginner bike, the Bati 801 is a great choice.

2) BF400

The BF400 features excellent performance and leaves many of its contemporaries in the dust.

Its butter-smooth handling barely seems to require effort, and its acceleration is beyond impressive. This ray motorcycle is definitely one of the best beginner vehicles in GTA Online and doesn’t cost a small fortune.

1) Elegy RH8

GTA Online features a number of great vehicles for free, but none quite outclass the incredibly popular Elegy RH8, the king of all beginner vehicles in GTA Online.

The two-door sports car is sleek in appearance and sturdy in build. It boasts quick acceleration, impressive traction and nimble handling.


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