5 WWE Superstars who deserve their first SummerSlam spot

WWE’s SummerSlam is being built up as the biggest show that WWE will put on this year, with reports stating that the company wants their summer party to be even bigger than WrestleMania now that crowds are back.

This means that there will be some massive matches on the card, and if rumors are to be believed and we do get Roman Reigns vs John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg then that’ll definitely be a start.

But, there are many WWE Superstars on the roster who haven’t made an appearance for this specific pay-per-view before and definitely deserve to make their SummerSlam debut this year.

Let’s take a look at 5 WWE Superstars who deserve to wrestle at their first SummerSlam.

#5. Liv Morgan should get a singles match at SummerSlam

If Nikki A.S.H didn’t win the Money in the Bank ladder match then I think most people would’ve been happy if it was Liv Morgan instead. That’s because the SmackDown star has been doing great work for the blue brand now that she’s on her own.

Her storyline where she was trying to get into the Money in the Bank ladder match, but Sonya Deville kept putting other people in the match instead, was really good, even if it did end rather anticlimatically thanks to Bayley’s injury reshuffling things.

I’m hoping WWE can continue Liv Morgan’s singles push and eventually get her to a position where she’s able to compete at SummerSlam and really have a starmaking performance.

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