6 possible Washington nicknames after the elimination of Warriors

It’s been a busy week as it pertains to the Washington Football Team and its impending rebrand. Team president Jason Wright recently sat down with Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post and said the new name and logo would be revealed in early 2022.

Not long after Jhabvala’s story on Wright, the team president published a memo on the team’s official website confirming the nickname “Warriors” would not be Washington’s new nickname. That had been a popular choice for some fans.

Where does Washington go now?

We’ve compiled a list of six possible nicknames for the Washington Football Team now that one of the previous favorites has been eliminated.

Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily our top choices, but some of the names discussed over the past year.

Red Wolves/Redwolves

Regardless of which spelling you prefer, this name has traction with a large segment of the fan base. Arkansas State currently has the nickname in college sports, perhaps Washington bring the name to the NFL. While it is popular with some fans, it remains very divisive, as many fans hate the name. I have to admit, some fans have made some slick designs with possible logos.

Redtails/Red Tails

This doesn’t feel like it will be one of the finalists. But head coach Ron Rivera has mentioned liking a strong military tie-in to the new name, and this would fit. Red Tails came from the Tuskegee Airmen, the nation’s first Black aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps. The tails of their planes were painted red for identification purposes, which led to the name Red Tails. This possible nickname certainly has the best historical value. Check out the history here.

Hogs/Red Hogs

This one is obvious. Perhaps the most celebrated unit in the history of the Washington franchise is the “Hogs.” The Hogs were the nickname given to Washington’s outstanding offensive line from the early 1980s until its final Super Bowl. As for Red Hogs, I guess this gets a mention because some believe the new nickname must have red in front of it. I don’t believe this will be a final contender, but it meets some of the criteria.


I get it; the Washington Football Team is based out of the nation’s capital. But, the franchise does not need to choose any nickname with a tie-in to politics. Yes, there is a history with the name, but it should absolutely not be a contender.


More possibilities with a military tie-in. Jason Wright has said he wants a nickname that is unique to Washington. You can use Commanders or Generals to celebrate the military, which is important to Rivera and owner Daniel Snyder.

Football Team/Washington Football Club

Would Washington actually stay the Football Team? I don’t see it, even though Wright has mentioned it as a possibility. Washington Football Club or FC Washington sound better than Football Team. It works in soccer.



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