Ace Hood Claims His Children’s Mother Wouldn’t Let Him See Their Kids On Father’s Day Over Money, She Fires Back (Video)

While Father’s Day is supposed to be a joyous celebration for all the daddies, Ace Hood revealed his holiday wasn’t going so well on account of he wasn’t with his children Sunday and suspects money is the reason why.

Ace Hood opened up about his situation, claiming his children’s mother Shanice Tyria denied him access to their kids to prove her story “right” and because she wants more money from him.

“The reason I do not have my children today is because the mother of my children wants her story to be right,” Ace Hood said. “Which means her story in her mind is that I am not a good father, my children don’t want to spend time with me…I don’t support the kids. Also, I’m never there for the children, so that’s her story in her mind and she wants to tear me down as a person.”

Ace continued, alluding that Shanice is essentially hating because he’s doing better in life.

“All of her actions and all of this is because of money,” he said. “It’s because she see me furthering myself, in my life, in my career, doing some other things. Yes, she gets paid child support. Yes, we have court ordered agreements. And none of that matters to her.”

Ace Hood added that he will handle the issue in court and that his message was for other fathers who may be in a similar situation.

Shanice did not take too kindly to Ace Hood making their drama public, taking to social media herself to clear the air.

Shanice, who is pregnant, called out Ace Hood for owing her money and said he was really upset because he couldn’t get his child support payments reduced. She also alleged that he and his wife Shelah Marie received a PPP loan, implying that it he obtained it fraudulently.

You can check out the drama and hear both of their sides below!

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