AEW’s Mark Henry describes his relationship with Tony Khan

AEW has had an excellent reputation when it comes to their working environment and backstage atmosphere.

Mark Henry, signed in May at AEW Double or Nothing 2021, spoke to TV Insider and discussed a number of topics. Upon being asked about the atmosphere in AEW and his working relationship with AEW President Tony Khan, The World’s Strongest Man was full of praise.

Henry described Tony Khan as an “open book” and someone he could talk to about anything. Mark Henry called his experience with AEW “very rewarding.”

“It has been very rewarding because as a teacher or mentor you feel like what you’re saying is being received. Everything I’ve done has been individual, one-on-one. I’ve known Tony [Khan, president of AEW] for a long time. We haven’t talked about wrestling because I was with the other company, but I’ve met him numerous times. With him being an open book, it has been the biggest gift. A lot of people can’t talk to their boss like I can talk to Tony,” said Mark Henry. (H/T: TV Insider)

Mark Henry isn’t the only one to appreciate AEW and Tony Khan

Mark Henry is one among many people who have appreciated AEW and its president for how they work.

Many highly respected entities in the wrestling business have come out to praise Tony Khan and his approachability, like Sting, Konnan, Vickie Guerrero and Jerry Lynn.

Konnan has made some guest appearances on AEW and called the backstage atmosphere “fun.”

“It was one of the greatest experiences of my career because everybody’s very, very happy, everybody’s very helpful, everybody’s very professional. It’s a very fun atmosphere. And I thought to myself ‘wow, I wish I would have grown up in this type of atmosphere’.” (H/T: WrestleTalk)

Sting and Jerry Lynn praised Tony Khan’s love for wrestling while Vickie Guerrero revealed how she has been able to pitch ideas to Tony to improve AEW.

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