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George Alexander Trebek was an American television personality, actor, program host best known for hosting Jeopardy! Alex Trebek’s net worth got reported to be $75 million at his death. He’s also presented shows including, To Tell the Truth, Classic Concentration, Battlestars, High Rollers, Double Dare, The Wizard of Odds, and others.

Alex garnered over 31 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host over his career. But how does all of this recognition and popularity translate into real money? What is the value of this well-known television personality?

 So, let’s take a look at Alex Trebek’s net worth and how much money this star has amassed.

Alex Trebek Net Worth

$75 Million

Alex explains how “Jeopardy!” is taped 46 times a year. On average, he shot five episodes every day. Alex made the majority of his money as a program host. He earned roughly $18 million each year from “Jeopardy!” until he died in 2020. Since 1984, the Canadian-born entertainer has hosted the show. He also appeared on the NBC series “The Magnificent Marable Machine” (1975) and “To Say the Least” (1976). (1978). Alex has also been on several shows as a panelist or player.

How did Alex Trebek earn his Net Worth?

In 1963, Trebek debuted on the Canadian music show “Music Hop.” In Canada, he presented a variety of shows, including the weekly afternoon game show Strategy (1969), CBC host for classical music programs (1967-1970), and the high school quiz show “Rech for the Top” (1966).

Following that, he relocated to America. Alex hosted “Double Dare,” “The $128,000 Question,” and “High Rollers” from 1970 and 1980.

He worked as a host on the NBC show “Battlestars” from October 1981 until April 1982. Later, he shot two episodes of “Jeopardy!” and was doing well. As a result, Alex began hosting it in 1984, and the role was a huge step forward in his long career.

After the original host, Art Fleming declined the project. He eventually took over as the show’s principal host. “Jeopardy!” was a huge hit, winning 33 Daytime Emmy Awards in the process. Trebek also holds the record for the most game show appearances in the Guinness Book of World Records. In addition, he was the first and only person to host three different American game shows at a time. “Jeopardy!” “Classic Concentration” and “To Tell the Truth” are among the shows on the schedule.

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Real Estate Investment Trebek’s Net Worth

Alex lives in a ten-thousand-square-foot estate in Studio City, California. In 1991, he paid $2.15 million for the mansion. In 2016, Alex paid $1.4 million for a 30-acre lake home in Nacimiento, California. Aside from that, he spent $4.1 million buying a 724-acre horse ranch in the small California town of Creston. In 2005, he sold it for $10 million.

What Was Alex Trebek’s Money Spent On?

Alex Trebek was not a public figure who divulged about his personal life. Even though he hosted ‘Jeopardy’ for more than three decades, audiences only recognized him from his appearances on the show.

Alex Trebek’s Residence

Trebek lived in Los Angeles before his death, and his home was a 10,000-square-foot mansion that he bought for $2.15 million.

Other Purchases by Alex Trebek

In 1990, Trebek purchased a mountain. For $1.5 million, he bought 35 acres of land at the top of the Hollywood Hills. He had intended to construct his ideal home at the time.

Alex Trebek’s Favorite Quotes

“You’re busy doing rather than thinking when you’re in your 30s and actively pursuing a profession and a home life, a wife and children. Even though you don’t have as much time as you used to, I believe you tend to think and reflect more on what is going on in your own life as you get older.”

“Merv Griffin, creator of Jeopardy! and there was a wonderful line on Wheel of Fortune once. I used all of the correspondence that came into Jeopardy! Whether it was positive or negative, Merv added, “You know how I deal with the unpleasant mail?” No, I said. He grabbed it, folded it, crunched it up, and tossed it in the trash. He said, “I’m not going to deal with it.”

Alex Trebek’s Age & Birthday

Alex Trebek got birthed in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on July 22, 1940, as George Alexander Trebek. On November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek passed away at 80. His younger sister, Barbara Trebek, reared him as well. He completed his schooling by attending Sudbury High School. He attended the University of Ottawa after finishing high school. Trebek received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Ottawa in 1961.

Alex Trebek’s Parents

Lucille is Trebek’s mother’s name. His father, Trebek George Edward, was a chef.

Wife and children’s lives

Alex Trebek has been married twice.

Elaine Callie (m. 1974-1981)

On September 25, 1974, he married broadcaster Elaine Callie, his first wife. The couple didn’t have any children. Unfortunately, in 1981, the couple divorced.

Jean Currivan (1990-Present)

He married Jean Currivan, a real estate project manager from New York, on April 30, 1990. Matthew Trebek (Son) and Emily Trebek (Daughter) are the couple’s two children (Daughter).

Alex Trebek’s Height, Weight, and Physical Stats

Would you like to understand how Alex Trebek looks, how tall he is, and how much he weighs? Look at the examples below:

Height of Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek stood 5 feet 8 inches (1.78 meters) long and weighed 67 kg (148 pounds). His eyes were brownish, and his hair resembled white.

Is Alex Trebek a living person or dead?

Alex Trebek passed away on November 8, 2020, at the age of 80, following a cancer struggle.

The popular game show ‘Jeopardy!’ was hosted by Alex Trebek. Trebek has also hosted several other programs, including ‘Pitfall’ and ‘The Wizard of Odds.’ Before relocating to the United States to advance his career, he hosted the Canadian quiz show ‘Reach for the Top’ for seven years. He won multiple ‘Daytime Emmy Awards’ after hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ Alex Trebek’s net worth got reported to be at $75 million at his death.

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