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All Genshin Impact characters arriving in the 2.0 update banners

Sayu, Ayaka, and Yoimiya are the leaked playable characters for the 2.0 update (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu are the playable characters presently known to be arriving in the 2.0 update for Genshin Impact.

Many Genshin Impact fans have been eagerly awaiting for Ayaka since Genshin Impact’s closed beta days. Fortunately for Ayaka fans, she has been buffed and adjusted to fit in better with the current Genshin Impact metagame. She is a five-star Cryo Sword user, and her skillset is still familiar to those that saw her for the first time over a year ago.

Of course, Yoimiya and Sayu also seem like fun characters to play around with. Yoimiya might not be meta given her strange skillset, but fans of her design will still find her to be a capable unit (she is a five-star Pyro bow user after all). Sayu is a four-star Anemo Claymore user with an innovative skillset, and she will be on the same banner as Yoimiya according to Genshin Impact leaks.

Upcoming Genshin Impact characters in the 2.0 update banners

Apparently, Ayaka’s banner will be released on July 21st, 2021. Some recent details about that banner have been leaked, including the four-star characters associated with it (Chogyun, Ningguang, and Yanfei).

Sayu is a four-star Anemo Claymore unit and will accompany Yoimiya (a five-star Pyro Bow user) on her banner on August 10th, 2021. It isn’t yet known who the other two four-star units will be on that banner.

The Ayaka Banner

Ayaka’s banner has been leaked, and it appears that Yanfei, Ningguang, and Chongyun are going to be the boosted four-star units. Ayaka is a five-star Cyro Sword user, and she seems promising for a DPS unit in Genshin Impact.

It’s an interesting banner, but Ayaka is a highly-anticipated character since closed beta. Most people won’t care about the four-star units too much here, but fans of these characters can still bolster their Constellations if they wish to pull for Ayaka.

As always, these leaks are subject to change.

Upcoming namecards

Ayaka’s namecard (Image via Dimbreath)

All three characters have had their namecards leaked, with the one above being Ayaka’s namecard. Like other character-based namecards, this one is unlockable if the player hits Friendship Level 10 with Ayaka. This namecard has an elegant design appropriate for the Inazuma noble.

It’s named Kamisato Ayaka: Folding Fan and its description is:

“Ayaka does constantly change out the fans she carries with her, of course. If you’re buying her some as gifts, remember not to send summer fans or throwing fans. Dancing fans or tea fans are good choices, though.”

Yoimiya’s namecard (Image via lumie_lumie)

Yoimiya’s namecard can be seen above, and it’s appropriately explosive. Like with Ayaka’s namecard, Genshin Impact players will be able to unlock this namecard if they hit Friendship Level 10 with Yoimiya.

Its name is Auratus Spark and its description is:

“Even momentarily sparks can leave beautiful, unquenchable flames in the hearts of those who watch the night sky.”

Sayu’s namecard (Image via Genshin Intel)

The final leaked character namecard belongs to Sayu. As it is with all other namecards, Genshin Impact players will unlock this one when they reach Friendship Level 10 with Sayu. The Daruma shown on the namecard is the same as the one found in Sayu’s Elemental Burst.

Its name is Sayu: Muji-Muji Daruma and its description is:

“It is even smaller than Sayu, sure, but it can help her do the things she doesn’t want to do.”

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