Amazon faces growing worker pressure in shadow of Alabama union vote

Amazon faces growing worker pressure in shadow of Alabama union vote

The warehouse workers at Amazon, Alabama are presently voting if they should unionize in March. Regardless of the result, the company faces pressure from the workers globally to make amendments to its employee working conditions.

As of now, those actions are just a formal unionization away; however they involve several employees and reveal how the working conditions at the e-commerce giant’s warehouse are in the limelight increasingly. US President Joe Biden as well as other high-profile officials have weighed upon the Bessemer vote among the warehouse workers. Hundreds of votes have been submitted through mail-in election that ends on 29 March.

None among the 800,000 Amazon employees in the US are unionized. One vote to formulate a union in the state of Alabama would provide the employees more power for negotiating with Amazon on matters like pay and incentives.

On the other hand, hourly Amazon workers are collecting petition signatures, conducting discussions on possible strikes and even consulting with the unions on possible demands. These groups are trying to change the Amazon policies on a rate where they should prepare packages, shift schedules and break time, all of which can make the company a demanding spot to workers.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said that the company is already offering what the unions have requested for the workers, i.e. comprehensive benefits, industry-leading pay and opportunities to grow their career.

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