American Horror Stories: First trailer features Evil Santa

2020 was a year without American Horror Story thanks to COVID-stalled production. But instead of one American Horror Story, 2021 will bring us two! Though, according to Ryan Murphy, since the 10th season of the show is structured with two separate storylines — “one by the sea, one by the sand” — it might actually be three American Horror Stories.

But before season 10, titled American Horror Story: Double Feature, kicks off on Aug. 25, a new spinoff called American Horror Stories will premiere in July.

What makes this show different? Well, each season of American Horror Story follows a different set of characters in a different horror scenario. Though some characters reappear and one season was a gigantic crossover, for the most part, each is a self-contained storyline. But in American Horror Stories, the concept goes one step further: each episode will be self-contained, making it an anthology series of an anthology series. Meta.

The first trailer shows some scary demons, an evil Satan and a lot of other things going bump in the night! Are these all the half-fleshed out ideas that couldn’t sustain a full season now thrown into rapid-fire? Maybe so. Doesn’t seem like AHS: Christmas would’ve made for a whole season.

American Horror Stories premieres on FX on Hulu on July 15.

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