Amy Sedaris on ‘Boss Baby,’ and why rabbits are ‘A-holes’

Amy Sedaris knows what it feels like to get bossed around by something small.

The kooky, NYC-based actress — who is beloved for her comedic turns in “Strangers With Candy” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” — admits she’s absolutely under the thumb of her pet rabbit, Tina.

“Rabbits are very bossy,” Sedaris told The Post. “Actually, rabbits are a – – holes.”

This month, the 60-year-old stars as another unlikely bossy-pants: a feisty cartoon tot named (coincidentally) Tina Templeton in “The Boss Baby: Family Business,” in theaters now.

But she said her pet is still the biggest diva of them all.

“[Bunnies] are demanding,” said Sedaris, who added that she used to attend rabbit conventions in New Rochelle, NY, because she’s such a fan of the willful creatures. “If they want something, they’ll butt you, they’ll poke [you with] their head. They’ll stop you in your tracks. I’ve fallen down before from Tina. Tripping me to fall down and doing whatever it takes to get their treat . . . There’s an expression in the rabbit world called, ‘My bunnies, my boss.’ It’s true.”

It’s no surprise then that she enjoyed voicing an imperious baby in her new movie, the sequel to 2017’s “The Boss Baby,” in which the title character is played by Alec Baldwin.

Sedaris and co-star Alec Baldwin smiled wide at the premiere for "The Boss Baby: Family Business."
Amy Sedaris and co-star Alec Baldwin smiled wide at the NYC premiere for “The Boss Baby: Family Business.”

“I like playing bossy people,” she said. “I thought Tina was really cute the way they drew her, and I like her little personality. I like that she’s tough. And I like that . . . she cares about her sister Tabitha.”

Speaking of siblings, Sedaris is the youngest sister of celebrated memoirist David Sedaris, who has written about his family for years. She said she’s happy to be a featured player in his hilarious tales.

“For one thing, he makes us look good,” she explained. “And I just trust what he’s going to write, so it doesn’t bother me. And I’m his biggest fan.”

“The Mandalorian” and “Maid in Manhattan” actress happily provides fodder with her unusual lifestyle choices, which include running a now-defunct — and extremely limited menu — home catering business.

Tabitha Templeton in Boss Baby 2.
Sedaris said she loves playing bossy characters.
©Universal/Courtesy Everett Col

“I would sell cheese balls and cupcakes out of my apartment,” she said. “Cash only . . . And then I would deliver them.”

“It was just something to do with my hands at 3 o’clock in the morning,” she added.

Sedaris admits that sometimes the orders were incomplete after she sampled them — a dozen cupcakes would end up being only eight — but that was a risk her customers were willing to take.

One of Sedaris’ clients was longtime pal Sarah Jessica Parker who she says is “thrilled” about the first two scripts of the eagerly awaited “Sex and the City” revival “And Just Like That…” 

Sedaris had a recurring role in the original series as fast-talking book editor Courtney Masterson, who accidentally lets it slip to Carrie that her then-boyfriend Jack Berger (Ron Livingston) has had his book contract dropped.

“I know she’s eager to get back, and I know she feels great about it,” Sedaris said of Parker. “It’s going to be great because everything Sarah does is great. I don’t know if you ever wear her shoes, but I highly recommend her shoes . . . I really love them. I know that sounds like I’m selling them, but that’s the truth.”

Sedaris flexed her baking skills on the surreal show “At Home With Amy Sedaris,” which ran for three seasons before being canceled earlier this year. Despite the quirky homemaking chops displayed by Sedaris, she said she was never competing with Martha Stewart.

“I just remember her stuff looking so good,” she said. “And then remember thinking, ‘[Mine] doesn’t really look that way.’ So I really just wanted to do things my way. I loved going on Martha’s show [in 2006]. I loved being a guest because we [were] basically doing the same thing, but just the outcome will always look different.” 

“Boss Baby” is not Sedaris’ first time playing a cartoon character. She has appeared in “BoJack Horseman” and “Shrek the Third.” She said she hasn’t a clue as to why her voice is so highly sought after.

“I’m always shocked when my phone rings,” she said.

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