Andre Drummond vs. Joel Embiid: Twitter reacts to the rivals-turned-teammates on the 76ers

The 76ers are bringing together a pair of players known for disliking one another. 

On Tuesday, it was reported Philadelphia had signed center Andre Drummond to a one-year deal, uniting him with rival Joel Embiid. 

This feud between the two talented big men dates back several years to Oct. 23, 2017, when Embiid said that Drummond doesn’t play any defense, a remark Drummond responded to on Twitter. The two continued a back-and-forth for a while, with Drummond saying that Embiid couldn’t play back-to-back games and Embiid saying that he owns “a lot of real estate in [Andre Drummond’s] head” and that he was “on my way to build more.”

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While neither has commented publicly yet about how the rivalry between the two players will look since Drummond reportedly joined the 76ers, Twitter users were quick to jump on the pairing. 

Check out what they had to say:

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