Apple Plans to Map Game Controller Buttons to Your Mac Keyboard

Apple Plans to Map Game Controller Buttons to Your Mac Keyboard

In an attempt to enhance how Apple iPhone and iPad apps function on the M1 Macs, the company has introduced game controller emulation in its macOS Big Sur’s present 11.3 beta version. Apple is basically trying to make its M1 Macs similar to gaming PCs.

As per MacRumors, using an iPhone and iPad application on the M1 Macs adds an option of Game Control when a user opens Preferences tab within the application. Once the option is turned on, it maps out the buttons on the user’s controller to mouse and keyboard to facilitate playing games with these peripherals than the controller.

The right thumbstick of the controller gets mapped to the mouse and the left thumbstick to WASD keys. The X button turns into Q key, A button turns into Spacebar, B button becomes the F Key and Y button turns into the E key. Lastly, the L1 is linked to Tab, R1 to R, R2 to mouse and L2 to shift.

However, rather than having the dedicated keys perform particular in-game actions, it’s likely that what the L2 and A buttons do would be mapped to particular keys present on the Mac keyboard sans a way for re-binding them. That could change from one game to another, based on how the developers have mapped the in-game actions on controller buttons.

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