Ari Fletcher Calls Out Stylist Benji Carlisle For Unprofessionalism & More

Run me my money! It seems like people have been anticipating Ari Fletcher’s upcoming birthday party for the past few weeks. Once the influencer dropped the trailer for her ‘Player’s Club’ themed event, several of her friends went crazy.

While it seems like she has been giving us a play-by-play update of what’s going on, her most recent update wasn’t something that we expected.

The Don went off on celebrity stylist Benji Carlisle after spending nearly $18,000 on outfits for her birthday party. She wasn’t pleased with the outfits nor the customer service. Ari took to the ‘gram to drop some receipts of her interaction with the stylist. She showed text messages of her asking for the outfits and shipping, calling the stylist unprofessional. Ari also uploaded an invoice that shows she spent $17,500 on five outfits, which included a consulting/travel fee.

Chile, the receipts didn’t stop there. She also shared a picture wearing one of the outfits—a gold jumpsuit with pink stones. However, she deleted the entire post about two minutes after realizing that she shared her personal information, including her telephone number and Wells Fargo bank account information. Ari’s fans were blowing up her cell phone so much that she announced she got a new number via T-Mobile.

Celebrity stylist Zell Swag stepped into Stock Market Pioneer to comment on the situation, saying, “Girl, just hit me up. I got you”. So far, Benji has not responded, and it’s unclear if he will.

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