ATH Jaden Mangham blown away by official visit to Nebraska

The last official visitor for Nebraska in the month of June is in the books.

The Huskers went from opening the month with eight official visitors to closing it out with one further driving the narrative that class size and where Nebraska is at now with the class are coming into play.

The Huskers hosted two-way athlete Jaden Mangham from Birmingham (Mich.) Groves and he was blown away by his official visit to Lincoln.

“We got to Lincoln on Friday,” Mangham said. “Right when we came in we went into the meetings. We talked to nutrition, strength and conditioning and academics.

“We were able to get all of those meetings out of the way immediately. My parents really enjoyed all of the meetings. I really enjoyed learning all of the new things. Their strength and conditioning and nutrition and facilities are all amazing.”

Mangham and his host hung around a lot of other players all weekend long.

“My host was Alante Brown. With him, I got around a lot of other players. I was able to meet up and really just chill around and hang around. It was a great experience to meet all of those guys.”

Being the only official visitor gave Mangham some unique attention. He said that there were always people nearby to answer all of his questions.

“We were able to ask questions whenever we wanted to because someone was always available at the time,” Mangham said. “Being the only ones here we were able to get all of our questions answered. We got a great feel for things on the visit.”

On Saturday one of the big hits at Nebraska this June has been the photoshoot. Mangham got to do that and hang out more with his host.

“We had the photoshoot and we went bowling,” Mangham said. “That was great. We had lunch and dinner. We had a couple more meetings then I left with Alante to go chill again.”

One of the meetings on Saturday was to hear about the new facilities. It was mind-blowing to Mangham.

“When they showed me the previews of everything I didn’t think that it could be real,” Mangham said. “It was all crazy. The weight room was crazy. All of the other facilities in the new building were crazy.

“Their current facilities are already really nice and at the top. But with these new facilities that they are about to get it will put them over the top. They looked great.”

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This morning Mangham had a film study with both the offensive and defensive coaches. He says that he could see himself playing on either side of the football at Nebraska.

“I actually just got out of the film review with the coaches this morning. Those were the meetings before we left for the airport. I went in for an offensive meeting with coach Lubick and I went in for a defensive meeting with coach Fisher.

“I was able to talk with both of them about how they run their game plans and how I can fit in there at Nebraska. I definitely feel like I fit in their schemes on both offense and defense. On defense, they told me that all of the defensive backs will learn all of the spots. They all know corner, safety and nickel. They want versatile players.”

The visit was perfect for Mangham. He said that Nebraska has always been on his list of favorite schools and the visit strengthened their case.

“I would definitely rate this a ‘10’,” Mangham said. “The coaches were great. The facilities were great. Everyone was nice. Everyone showed a lot of love. It was a great visit overall.

“Nebraska has always been a top school for me for my entire process. They have been honest and truthful with me. This visit has really helped their case.”

There was a great basis for comparison since this was Mangham’s fourth official visit. Mangham said that the Huskers are taking things to another level for him.

“This was my fourth official visit. Coming out here a lot of people said a lot of different things like Nebraska is nothing but cornfields,” Mangham said. “I won’t judge a place until I have seen it. Getting down here it was great. Nebraska is up there with my top programs. Nebraska is taking it to the next level and I can’t wait to see how they do this year.”

Things are going to move pretty quick for Mangham. He and his family will start doing the pros and cons of all of the schools and he will make a decision in the coming weeks.

“When I get home I am going to sit down with my family and really chop this up,” Mangham said. “We are going to sit down and talk then decide sometime in July.”


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