House Democrat flashes stomach during virtual hearing

House Democrat flashes stomach during virtual hearing

WASHINGTON — House Homeland Security Committee members were stunned Thursday as one of their colleagues became overexposed during a virtual hearing, revealing a his bare belly jutting out over what appeared to be either pajamas or boxer shorts. Rep. Donald Payne Jr.’s stomach was on full display as his too-small-for-comfort Capt. America T-shirt gave way to a bare abdomen when he rose from an unmade bed during the early-morning … Read more

Peruvian Officials More Than Double COVID Death Toll, Saying They Undercounted

On Monday, the government officials in Peru said the nation’s official coronavirus death toll had been lower than actual figures. As per the previously reported government number, around 69,342 Peruvians passed away due to coronavirus as on 22 May, but now, it’s been reported that over 180,000 Peruvians have perished from the virus. The officials … Read more

Idaho lieutenant governor bans mask mandates while governor’s away

As the governor’s out of state, the lieutenant governor of Idaho released one executive order on Thursday banning the mandatory masking policy in public buildings and schools, saying that the covering of face threatened the freedom of people. Governor Janice McGeachin is now the acting governor while Governor Brad Little attends the Gov. Association Conference … Read more

Scientists at Wuhan lab in COVID probe admitted being bitten by bats: reports

The researchers at Chinese lab considered as the probable source of coronavirus epidemic, were earlier filmed getting spattered and bitten with blood as they were handling bats sans any protection, as per reports. The TV video clip revealed the scientists at WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) disregarding masks, gloves and the other PPE as the … Read more