How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

If you’re a marketing firm trying to take advantage of Google’s massive daily search volume, there’s no better place to start than Google Ads. It quickly offers the support you need to develop your final product, thus helping you to reach a wider audience. However, there are numerous media advertisements and tactics to choose from … Read more

Cox Communications Experiencing Widespread Outage

Cox Communications

Cox is one of the most popular internet service providers owing to its lightning-fast speeds. However, Cox’s internet connection, like all other ISPs, may occasionally disconnect. If your internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re experiencing frequent internet disconnects and reconnections, try the troubleshooting tips listed below. Reboot the … Read more

Tesla Earning Report Q3

Tesla Earning Report Q3

Even as supply chain issues impacted heavily on the auto sector, Tesla (TSLA) reported third-quarter profitability that exceeded forecasts, with record deliveries helping to propel the electric-vehicle maker’s performance. Quarterly revenue fell short of estimates, and shares dipped modestly in after-hours trade. The report’s metrics were compared to consensus estimates as follows:  Revenue $13.76 billion … Read more

Which of the following is an application of AI?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI, refers to mechanics or systems that mimic human intelligence to carry out different tasks and functions. This branch of science is much more about the process and the capability for data analysis and superpowered thinking than about any specific function or format. AI has become a particular term for … Read more

Chinese Share Market Close Higher Yesterday

After the release of September inflation figures, Chinese equities were mixed early on Thursday, with the Shanghai Composite down 0.15 percent and the Shenzhen Component up 0.2 percent. China’s producer price index jumped 10.7% year on year, faster than expected due to higher raw material prices, while the consumer price index rose 0.7 percent, below … Read more

Why NALCO’s share price suddenly jumped?


National Aluminium Business Ltd., founded in 1981, is a Mid Cap company in the Metals – Non-Ferrous sector with a market capitalization of Rs 18,632.63 crore. Aluminum, Alumina, Wind Power, and Other Operating Revenue are among National Aluminium Company Ltd.’s primary products/revenue segments for the fiscal year ending 31-Mar-2020. The company reported a Consolidated Total … Read more