Award-Winning Director Chand Mohammad’s Latest Thriller Flick ‘Paatr’ Sets a Bar For Indian Short Films

It is a known fact that actors go out of their way when it comes to bringing the character to life. At times, the character role demands a lot from the actor that they immerse themselves into it. However, it creates a state of mental breakdown where it gets difficult for them to come out of that dark zone. Throwing light on this issue, award-winning director Chand Mohammad has come up with his psychological thriller short film titled ‘Paatr’ meaning Character in English.

The thriller film has seen the light as it got released on the official YouTube channel of Pocket Films. It is the ultimate platform where a variety of short films of different genres are uploaded for the viewers. The 13 minutes 46 seconds short film stars ‘Student of The Year’ fame Sahil Anand, and we must say that the flick will surely keep you thrilled and leave a lasting impact on your mind.

Chand Mohammad has hit the bullseye and has raised the bar of short films in India. His direction skills are on point, and in very little time, the filmmaker has conveyed an impactful message. Sahil Anand who plays the role of Veer Singh in the thriller is shown as an alcoholic and drug addict who harms and abuses himself. At one point in the film, it is shown how he gets irked by a fly in the washroom, and as the film proceeds, it is shown how he accidentally injures himself with a beer bottle.

The short film flows with the passage of time leaving everyone wonder what shall happen next. The twist in the tale comes when Veer Singh in the thriller film realises that he is an actor. All in all, the short film passes an important message about the actors deep-diving into the character roles where they destroy their mental wellbeing. The thriller is an insightful depiction and is the finest work done by the filmmaker.

Watch the short film ‘Paatr’ here

Speaking about choosing this psychological thriller as his subject, Chand said, “I have been working in the entertainment industry for quite a long time. In these times, I have seen how difficult the life of an actor is. Everything looks fancy, but there goes a lot behind being a film star.” He then concluded by stating that nothing comes above mental health for any human being. Well, with this thriller, the director has truly left everyone spellbound.

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