Bat-wielding thugs physically assault players in a charity cricket match

Cricket has seen its share of nasty events in the past. In an incident that shook the cricket fraternity, a massive fight broke out during a charity match in Kent. Things turned from bad to worse when bat-wielding thugs started attacking the players on the field. It was a bizarre event and no one saw it coming.

The fight took place in the last two overs of the match at Mote Park Cricket Club in Maidstone on Sunday. The whole incident was recorded on camera and is available for viewing.

In the video, a group of players can be seen arguing before a bat-wielding man (shirtless) charged at them out of nowhere. This event took place in a match being played to raise money for people suffering in this crisis.

The tournament is being played to raise money for “Share for Care”. It helps people who require medical treatment in Pakistan, KentOnline reported. Things turned into an absolute mess as soon as a fight broke out. In the video, one person can be seen on the floor as more men start waving their bats. This event led to the match being abandoned. The nasty fight left a couple of players injured as well.

Cricket tournament organizer reveals that there were some troublemakers in the ground

Event organizer Shehzad Akram said that things turned ugly during the last couple of overs. He said that some men rushed on the pitch and started hitting a few of the players without any reason. Akram said that he doesn’t know the main reason behind the fight. He was himself surprised by the shocking incident. Akram was sure that some problem creators had entered the ground , who created the ruckus.

He said:

“I don’t know what the main reason was but there were some troublemakers in the ground. They started fighting with their bats and hitting people.”

He also said the incident was an utter disgrace. Akram further said that they won’t be permitted to the ground in future.

“We are not happy – we don’t tolerate this behaviour,” he said.

Cricket is often spoken about as a gentleman’s game. Such incidents are not acceptable and bring a lot of criticism towards the game. When cricketers themselves indulge in such activities, what can be told to the common man? The cricketers need to make sure that they remain calm and such events are not repeated in the future.

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