BCCI’s compensation promise receives split response from players

The BCCI’s decision to form a 10-member committee to ensure compensation for domestic cricketers has received mixed responses from the players as while some are chuffed with the announcement, others have been left confused. The BCCI finalized the decision in an apex council meeting on Sunday.

In wake of the pandemic causing huge financial distress to domestic cricketers, who saw their annual income get reduced by more than 70%, the BCCI, in the most recent Apex Council meeting, decided that a committee would be formed to compensate for the loss of income. The board revealed that a 10-member committee will look into the compensation package, with each zone – North, West, South, East, Central, and North East – having a representative each alongside four BCCI officials. 

But while the decision received a unanimous positive response from fans and those within the fraternity, a report from cricket.com has revealed that all players, in fact, are not in line with the announcement. When asked about BCCI’s announcement, a senior state team captain said that he was delighted with the step taken by the board.

“This is a terrific step. We owe it to the BCCI for taking the players’ concerns and ensuring a guaranteed income for us. Players have to leave their bases in state capitals and big cities to travel back home. It is hampering their practice. If they are compensated financially, at least they can continue their practise,” the player told cricket.com.

However, an India A regular did not echo the same sentiment. The player insisted that the announcement was ‘confusing’, and added that the board would primarily need to be proactive in organizing more matches and tournaments.

“We can credit the board for this, but their statement reeks of complete confusion. Their statement said for the domestic season 2020 and 2021. Does that mean 2020-21 season or 2020 and 2021 season? In case of the latter, does that mean the 2021 season is already cancelled? Compensation wouldn’t guarantee matches. BCCI must do something to organise matches this year,” an India A regular added. 

The report also adds that “his (India A regular) view was supported by multiple cricketers who spoke to cricket.com.” The committee is expected to be formed by the end of June. 

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