Best moveset for Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise

The Blastoise evolutionary line are long-time veterans of the Pokemon series, and prove to be quite proficient in Pokemon GO as well.

Blastoise can be obtained in Generation I by choosing Squirtle as the starter, evolving it to Wartortle and then finally into Blastoise. They are known in both the main series and in Pokemon GO as options with high defense, but have enough power to still do damage.

They also get access to a fairly effective movepool. Either Squirtle, Wartortle, or Blastoise can put in work with these movesets.

Which moves are going to work best for the Blastoise family in Pokemon GO?

With Squirtle, it’s all about using fast quick moves to rack up damage. It’s preferred quick move is definitely Bubble, since it has strong energy generation as well as STAB. This move is also decently fast, at 1200 ms per use.

For charge moves, Squirtle learns exclusively Water-type moves. The must have is Aqua Jet, since it can burn shields from the opponent. Once shields have been used up, Squirtle can use Water Pulse, since it is the strongest move in its arsenal.

Wartortle gets a couple quick moves that each last half a second long. The move that it wants to run, though, is Water Gun. Due to STAB, this move will end up doing way more damage. 10 EPS is also much better than 8.

Similar to Squirtle, Wartortle can be successful with running two charge moves that are Water-type. The previously mentioned Aqua Jet is great for getting opponents to use their shields.

This will allow it to use powerful Hydro Pumps later on in the match. Ice Beam can patch up weaknesses like Dragon-types, but it generally doesn’t help much.

Blastoise, like Wartortle, wants to be running Water Gun as it’s quick move. This is because, like Wartortile, Blastoise’s other option is Bite. It’s much better for Blastoise to use the move that has STAB and charges more energy.

Perhaps Blastoise’s greatest asset is Hydro Cannon. This move, and the other two moves similar to it (Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn) are arguably the best in Pokemon GO.

In this instance, because Hydro Cannon only needs 50 energy to use, Blastoise can afford to run Ice Beam for Dragons. That being said, there is nothing wrong with using Hydro Pump for the high damage output instead.

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