Best Tyranitar raid counters for July 2021

Tyranitar will be a raid boss in July, and trainers are going to need some heavy firepower to bring this Pokemon down.

This pseudo legendary from Generation II has a scary combination of both good bulk and fierce attacking power. None of its base stats are below 200. Crunch and Stone Edge also hit a variety of Pokemon for decent damage. Going in alone to battle this Tier 3 boss is really not recommended. Trainers are definitely going to want to bring some strong Pokemon and a friend or two to beat Tyranitar.

Whick Pokemon can win out against this increadibly strong Pokemon?

While it is a monstrous Pokemon with powerful capabilities, Tyranitar has one giant Achilles’ heel: Fighting-types. Tyranitar is both Rock-type and Dark-type, making it quadruple weak to Fighting-type moves. This makes Fighting-types almost necessary to bring to this raid.

In particular, the best counter to Tyranitar is Machamp. It has the lowest time to win, at around 266 seconds. This is likely due to the fact that Machamp only needs to spam Counter for a short while before a potent Dynamic Punch is charged up. Other Fighting-types typically have to wait to charge the full bar for a Close Combat or Focus Blast.

That being said, any Fighting-type will realistically do fine versus Tyranitar. Those with Dynamic Punch are preferred, like Lucario and Conkeldurr. There are several more common Fighting-types like Toxicroak and Breloom that have quick times to win, though.

For any trainers that don’t have a Fighting-type available, Pokemon that know Fighting moves can be nice alternatives. Shockingly, Alakazam has a quick time to win against Tyranitar since it gets access to Counter and Focus Blast. Metagross can also defeat Tyranitar in good time, despite Psychic’s weakness to Dark.

As with most cases, Mewtwo is also a great Pokemon to bring to this raid. As if there was any more reason needed to prove that this is the best Pokemon in the meta at the moment, Mewtwo with Focus Blast can beat Tyranitar in 412 seconds.

For trainers with none of these Pokemon, powerful Water-types are their best bet. Some of these Pokemon can eliminate Tyranitar in good timing, such as Feraligatr, Gyrados and Palkia. Access to Hydro Pump is really what makes the difference here, since it does enough damage after some Water-type quick moves to brutalize Tyranitar, if not kill it outright.

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