BGMI Independence Day event to give away free AWM skin

Since its release more than a month ago, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has managed to gain widespread attention and popularity. As promised by the developer, various exclusive events and cosmetic items have been added to the game, tailored exclusively for Indian players.

Various means are available for users to acquire such content in the game, with events emerging as one of the most popular options. Recently, the developer announced an event commemorating India’s Independence Day. Here’s the known information regarding the same.

New Independence Day event in BGMI announced by the developer

The post by Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on their social media handles states the following:

Celebrations commence early! Let’s celebrate the spirit of Independence in the Battlegrounds!

We also have new missions that are unlocked every day for players with amazing rewards! Drop in and check out the events center for latest missions and get winning with your squad!

Therefore, on the occasion of India’s Independence Day, players have an opportunity to get their hands on exceptional prizes, including a unique AWM skin.

They would have to accomplish the necessary tasks while satisfying the precise requisites to have a chance at obtaining the rewards in the newly added event.

Readers can check out the following video for better insight regarding the new Independence Day event in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

A screenshot of the milestone rewards (Image via BGMI official website)
A screenshot of the milestone rewards (Image via BGMI official website)

Apart from this, the developer previously unveiled the 50 million downloads milestone event, where the following prizes were made available:

1) 48 million downloads – Supply Coupon Crate Scrap x3

2) 49 million downloads – Classic Coupon Crate Scrap x3

3) 50 million downloads – Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set x1

The first one has already been crossed and players can collect the reward in-game. Once the other milestones are reached, their rewards will unlock automatically. Players will be able to claim them via the events section in-game as well.

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