Biden under fire for border wall cash freeze

Just like former US President Donald Trump, Joe Biden has also made a promise for border wall he may not have a legal authority to truly keep.

On the first day of office, Biden halted billions of US dollars that were all set to be invested on Trump’s long-proclaimed barrier between Mexico and the US while his admin found next measures for money. At present, a review is being launched by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) to know if the Biden broke the legal law by pausing the money and violating the budget rules that are designed to maintain a proper cash flow with Congress, the fed watchdog confirmed.

An opposing ruling from the GAO will bolster the Republicans in calling Biden as the rule-breaker and blaming him for a rise of migrants as well as unaccompanied kids at southern border. On Tuesday, over 70 House Republicans asked an opinion from the GAO, which the fed watchdog generally offers when a member off the Congress requests for it.

According to Senator Roy Blunt, the chair of Senate Republican Policy Committee, the Republicans say that Biden must know better post over 30 years of being a Senator himself. Even the White House notes that Biden’s move of halting the money differs in various major ways from his predecessor’s move to lock foreign aid, which the GAO deemed is illegal the previous year.

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