Bobby Valentine will let you watch Mets game with him if you help keep his mayoral bid alive

Are we sure this isn’t a punishment?

Former Mets manager and current Stamford, CT mayoral candidate Bobby Valentine is rewarding those who donate to his campaign with the chance to watch a Mets game with him … in Stamford, at his restaurant.

Anyone who donates $10 is entered for the chance to watch Saturday’s Subway Series game between the Mets and Yankees at Bobby V’s Restaurant and Sports Bar. Not at the stadium – at a restaurant that has a three-star rating on Yelp.

The former manager and current athletic director at Sacred Heart University is running as an independent candidate in Stamford’s 2021 mayoral election. He is challenging incumbent David Martin, who is seeking a third term, as well as State Rep. Caroline Simmons.

So far, Valentine has been somewhat mum on what he would bring to the table if he were elected, though he told The Post’s Ken Davidoff he would like to prioritize business development, diversity in the education system and the “movement of people” throughout the city.

Bobby Valentine attends David Cone's 20th Anniversary of the Perfect Game.
Bobby Valentine attends David Cone’s 20th Anniversary of the Perfect Game.
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“By the time I’m mayor, there will absolutely be specific policies, but obviously being I’m in a competition, if I start to say what I would do and someone decides that they’re going to do the same thing, I don’t think that’s a prudent thing to do at this time,” Valentine told the Connecticut Examiner in May.

Maybe he’ll explain his policy ideas to whoever wins his giveaway over a plate of $13 coconut Thai shrimp.

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