British twin attacked by crocodile released from hospital

The British twin who survived a vicious crocodile attack in Mexico after her sister punched the animal repeatedly, has been released from the hospital after coming out of her coma and surviving sepsis.

Melissa Laurie has been released into the care of her parents, Sean and Sue, and sister Georgia and, according to the Daily Mail, were spotted leaving the Angel deal Mar private hospital in Puerto Escondido at lunchtime Saturday.

Melissa, a zookeeper, was swimming in a lagoon 10 miles from the popular resort of Puerto Escondido as a part of a tour with her sister when the croc attacked and pulled her underwater.

Georgia reportedly dove under water to search frantically for her sister — before finding her floating face-down on the surface a few minutes later.

Sean and Sue Laurie, the parents of Melissa arriving in Oxaca, Mexico following the crocodile attack.
Sean and Sue Laurie arriving in Oxaca, Mexico, following their daughter Melissa’s crocodile attack.

As she grasped her sister and swam toward a boat, the beast returned and attacked both women — but Georgia gamely fought back with a well-placed punch. Georgia was hospitalized with hand injuries.

In an interview on “BBC Radio Solent,” the twin’s sister Hana said her sisters booked the tour through their hostel, adding that their guide took them to an “unsafe” and unapproved swimming spot.

Georgia Laurie, who saved her twin sister Melissa during the crocodile attack while they were swimming in Mexico.
Georgia Laurie, who saved her twin Melissa during the crocodile attack while they were swimming in Mexico.

“He’s an unlicensed tour guide and according to someone on a Mexican Facebook page, he’s been doing it for a while, doing illegal tours in unsafe, unregistered areas,” she told the outlet.

“He’s gone to where the crocodiles live and not the location where all legal certified sanctioned tours take place. He has been called out locally before, apparently, but that wasn’t for my sisters to know,” she said.

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