Brittany Byrd Takes To Social Media To Call Out Those Who Doubt Her Following Alleged Physical Altercation With Ex Lil Uzi—“Ya’ll Say Protect Black Women Right?”

Roommates, as the details surrounding Brittany Byrd and her ex-boyfriend Lil Uzi getting into a physical altercation in Los Angeles continue to pour in—Brittany took to social media to get a little something off her chest. In response to those who doubt her allegations that Lil Uzi physically assaulted her, Brittany Byrd posted a tweet to make her feelings very clear.

Brittany Byrd kept things short and sweet in a recent Twitter post to clapback at all those who seem to doubt her claims that her ex-boyfriend Lil Uzi physically assaulted her at a café in Los Angeles. “Don’t ya’ll say protect black women right? I’m a black woman,” Brittany wrote.

As we previously reported, Stock Market Pioneer exclusively spoke with Brittany’s manager Brianna regarding the incident. She told us that Brittany was having a business meeting with SAINt and director Jeymes Samuel before the incident when Uzi hopped out of the car and confronted her. Brianna continued, adding that immediately after approaching her, he started physically assaulting Brittany.

This was after her manager claims that he threatened her with a gun & pointed it at her chest. After that, he allegedly punched her in the face repeatedly and proceeded to run to his car.

During this incident, Brianna confirmed that Brittany was the only one who was assaulted and said that it was ridiculous that domestic violence gets overlooked when it’s toward Black women.

Brianna made it very clear that Brittany Byrd has had NO contact with Lil Uzi in several months. “Brittany has been trying to focus on her life and career,” Brianna said. We asked Brianna how Uzi found Brittany’s location, and she claims he has been stalking Brittany. “Uzi has been stalking Brittany since they broke up. Uzi is toxic and mentally and physically abusive. He has been for years.”


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