‘Can we just be a little more respectful?’

On Tuesday, came to the defense of tennis superstar and gymnastics superstar . Osaka of the French Open in May, citing anxiety, and Biles from the Olympic all-around competition last week. Osaka and Biles, and mental health, have from conservative pundits, some on . Contributor Raymond Arroyo, who has a nightly segment on , had this to say the night the Biles news was announced.

“On the one hand, I get it,” Arroyo said. “She had a bad performance, she was lost mid air in a flip. She probably feared breaking her neck or permanently injuring herself. There was also the traumatic sex abuse that she endured at the hands of that evil . But the time to work through all of that was before the olympic trials, not during the Olympic Games. Ya know, you’re part of a team now. If you can physically perform, your job is to get into that headspace where you can overcome your fears and your jitters, and stick the landing.”

They’re under tremendous pressure, and I’m sorry, but some people seem pretty heartless in their comments.Sean Hannity

While some conservatives have gleefully mocked Osaka and Biles, Hannity does not believe it’s warranted.

“To be honest, and this may surprise you, I’m kind of shocked people have actually been so mean and cruel in many cases, passing judgment of both these incredible female athletes. Um, can we just be a little more respectful?” Hannity said. “Remember, they are under tremendous pressure. They’re all very young and sometimes all of us need to take a deep breath, relax, reset, move forward. These young women have both sacrificed years and years over a decade of their life to become some of the greatest athletes in their respective sports.”

Hannity believes Osaka and Biles deserve more understanding, and for less hate to be aimed their way.

“None of us ever know what someone, especially any young person, what they might be going through that you don’t know about. You just don’t know,” Hannity said. “They’re under tremendous pressure, and I’m sorry, but some people seem pretty heartless in their comments.”

Biles went on to on the balance beam in her return to competition on Tuesday.

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