Car crashes into kitchen of Queens house

An out-of-control car went flying through a multi-family home in Queens Tuesday afternoon — a terrifying accident narrowly avoided by the apartment’s disabled resident.

The black BMW — which did not have any license plates — hurtled through 211 Beach 44 Street in Edgemere around 4:15 p.m., police said.

Wheelchair-bound Jose Lajara missed the potentially deadly catastrophe — because he was out at the time.

“I actually went out to do a doctor’s appointment and when I came back I found the car was in my apartment,” he told The Post over the phone. “Right now I’m in a motorized wheelchair, I can’t walk, so where am I supposed to sleep tonight?”

“It’s so bad because I had just left 10 minutes before this f—-g car went through the door, and my wheelchair sits right in that window.”

A BMW crashed into 211 Beach 44 Street in Edgemere, on August 3, 2021.
Wayne Carrington

Photos of the terrifying incident show the car in the obliterated kitchen, surrounded by ceiling panels, windows and debris from the collision.

Lajara, whose home sits adjacent to Rockaway Freeway, said speeding vehicles on his block are a concern.

“Down that strip from Beach 36th all the way up to where my house is at, there’s no lights, so cars be driving from 90 to 95 miles per hour,” he said.

“So the guy must have lost control of the wheel and crashed right into the house.”

The residents of the house were evacuated without injury, including Lajara’s roommate, who was in the bathroom at the time of the collision, he said.

Cops were looking for the driver, who hightailed it on foot, according to the NYPD.

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