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Carmella names the two WWE Superstars she wants to face at SummerSlam


Carmella wants to face Bianca Belair or Rhea Ripley at WWE SummerSlam this year. The self-proclaimed ‘Most Beautiful Woman In All Of WWE’ wants to take on one of the two current champions this summer.

On Ryan Satin’s Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Carmella was quizzed on who she wanted to face at SummerSlam this year. The card is yet to be finalized as WWE has the Money In The Bank pay-per-view to hold before that.

However, Carmella wants to work on pay-per-view and is keen to face one of the current women’s champions. She is a part of WWE SmackDown; thus, she automatically will have to face Bianca Belair if she wants to be in a title match. However, she is open to moving to Monday Night RAW if she can face Rhea Ripley in a title match. She said,

“That’s a great question! Well, if Bianca is still champion at that point, I would love to face Bianca. I haven’t had a title match against her, so I would love that. There’s really no one that sticks out ’cause I would love to face anyone, even maybe someone over on Raw. Like, maybe Rhea Ripley. That would be awesome. I’ve never wrestled her, so I could kick her butt.”

Carmella was not happy with WWE’s decision

When Carmella returned to WWE TV, she was paired with Reginald. However, the ‘most beautiful woman in all of WWE’ was not happy with the decision as she wanted a bodyguard, not a sommelier. She told Ryan Satin:

“I wanted to have a bodyguard, and they were like, ‘We’ll get there, and then one day I show up, and I have a sommelier. I’m like, ‘What is happening? I didn’t pitch for a sommelier, but let’s do it.’ We thought it was a one-time thing, and he ended up sticking around, and now he’s on RAW.”

Things did not go well between Carmella and Reginald, and that led to her firing him quickly. However, he’s still on WWE TV as he was moved to Monday Night RAW to work with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

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