Changes to elemental skill, burst, banner details, and more

The 5-star character, Yoimiya, will likely debut soon in Genshin Impact, with a new leak showing tweaks to her kit.

Along with Ayaka, Yoimiya’s banner is predicted to arrive in the next update. Players can safely expect Yoimiya to be a Pyro bow-user in Genshin Impact. Because of leaks from the 2.0 beta, players now have a decent idea of Yoimiya’s probable gameplay.

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Genshin Impact changes Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill in the beta

Dimbreath, a popular Genshin Impact leaker, recently revealed a change to Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill in the 2.0 beta.

Based on the video, Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill animation is shorter now. Genshin Impact has seemingly removed Yoimiya’s twirling motion, as she now simply swings her bow in a slashing motion. As the animation duration is now shorter, the ability’s effect might trigger sooner after pressing the skill button.

News of this tweak came shortly after beta testers revealed another change to Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill. The cooldown for this ability was originally reported as 20 seconds, but a patch to the beta has evidently lowered it to 18.

The effect of Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill, “Teika Fire-Dance,” converts her normal attack damage to Pyro damage for 10 seconds. She will fire “Blazing Arrows” that deal increased damage.

This ability, however, does take away Yoimiya’s Kindling Arrows. Yoimiya’s charged attacks, when held long enough, typically create extra arrows that target enemies for Pyro damage.

Though Kindling Arrows are unavailable during the duration of her Elemental Skill, charged attacks aren’t recommended here regardless. Yoimiya players should focus on normal attacks during her Elemental Skill, dealing improved damage and infusing enemies with Pyro.

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Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact

Owing to leakers, videos showcasing Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst have also surfaced. The current animation shows Yoimiya jumping in the air with fireworks.

Yoimiya’s Ultimate ability, “Ryukin Saxifrage,” deals AoE Pyro damage and marks an enemy with Aurous Blaze for 10 seconds. Anyone except Yoimiya will trigger explosions upon hitting the marked enemy. Because Yoimiya herself can’t trigger these explosions, most players will likely switch to a sub-DPS character after using the burst.

Furthermore, the Aurous Blaze marking may be useful for handling more than one opponent in a battle. When the enemy marked with Aurous Blaze is defeated, another nearby enemy will be marked for the remainder of the 10-second duration.

Yoimiya banner details

According to leaks, Genshin Impact will release Yoimiya immediately after the Ayaka banner ends. If event banners maintain their three-week duration, this leak implies Yoimiya’s banner will start around August 11th.

Though the featured 4-stars are mostly unknown, Sayu is likely to make her first appearance on Yoimiya’s banner. The Genshin Impact community has anticipated the Anemo character Sayu for a while now, and it seems the Inazuman ninja is on her way.

Before Sayu arrives with Yoimiya’s banner, two other new characters, Kazuha and Ayaka, will appear consecutively. Summoning all the new characters is tempting, but unfeasible for most. Players who want to summon Yoimiya or Sayu should make sure to have some Primogems ready to use.

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